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Post-Match Quotes from the U.S. Women's Defeat to Sweden in Wolfsburg

U.S. Women's National Team head coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On the match:
“I thought it was a good game today: entertaining but also tactically pretty interesting. I'm happy with the way we created chances but disappointned we didn't win the game…I really want us to embrace the pressure. I think we'll get stronger and it will be inspiring to play against Brazil.” 

On the USA's quarterfinal match with Brazil:
“What we will talk about from now on is playing in the final. In order to play in the final we need to step up and be sharper with our chances. We start with Brazil. That will motivate the players more and this is a big chance.” 

On what the team could have improved in the match against Sweden:
“We could have been a little bit more patient, especially in the attacking third. We were too eager to play the ball into the box and we could have fought to get to the endline a little more. At times we knocked it around quite a bit in the midfield but we could have created have bigger chances by fighting to the endline and playing from there.”

On the center of Sweden's midfield playing against Boxx and Lloyd:
“First of all, those two [Swedish center midfielders] had a good game. Eventually Carli and Boxxy stepped up, especially in the second half and Boxxy had a good game. It would have been interesting to keep possession a little bit longer. The Swedish team may have dropped off us a little bit more. But we were too eager to play that ball into the attacking third.” 

On the decision to play Abby Wambach 90 minutes:
“We had a conversation before the game about whether we would leave Abby out there or take her off after 45 minutes. We knew that we were already in a quarterfinal but then soccer is about feeling and positioning and I have so much respect for Abby Wambach. I asked her, we talked about certain situations, and she said "I want to play." I think it was the right decision to make. She scored a goal and i think that will be important going forward.” 

On the threat of Sweden's forwards Schelin and Oqvist:
“I think we handled it quite well. In the beginning we should have dropped off a bit earlier and we did eventually. Those two had a really good game. It's hard to deal with their speed. We also have speed up top and we couldn't utilize it as well as Sweden did. If you look at ahow they got the ball in transition, I think Sweden did a good job with their counterattacks.”

On the match:
“There's a lot of things we're going to take away from this game. Credit Sweden for captailizing on the chances they had. We created a lot of opportunities. We think the road to the top of the World Cup podium is going to be difficult. That's been our journey thus far, so why change things now?” 

On matching up with Sweden:
"I don't think we were thrown off our game tonight. I think if you look back at the film, we dominated the game. Obviously a penalty give them the advantage and gives them momentum [in the first half]. I feel like the second half we had all the momentum. We're pushing numbers forward and obviously they counter. Number eight was really powerful for them up top, holding the ball and getting the second balls off those forwards and the midfield was tough for us, but I think we played well. Obviously we need to finish some chances and hopefully we'll look to do that against Brazil."

On facing Brazil in the quarterfinals, instead of Australia:
“It is what it is. We wanted to go out first [place] in our group but we didn't. We want to go into this next game with a positive attitude and that's kind of the theme we've had in the whole run up to this World Cup. There are going to be bumps in the road and in order for us to be standing on the top podium at the end of this tournament we have to turn something that could be perceived as a negative into a positive and that's what we're going to do.”

On playing through a minor injury:
“I'm not coming off the field. Unless Pia decides she wants off me off the field, I'll have to have someting seriously wrong with me to not play. This is the World Championship, this is what we all live for.”

On the USA coming back in the second half:
“Until the referee blew the whistle I really thought we were going to equalize. That's the confidence I have with this team. I was pretty fired up after we scored. I felt like we just needed to keep that momentum going.” 

On the USA taking their chances throughout the game:
“If we could put a couple more chances on frame, the ‘keeper maybe bobbles one or we get on the end of it. We're going to be focusing on getting most of opportunities on frame so that we have chances.”

U.S. goalkeeper HOPE SOLO
On the build up to Sweden's first goal:
"Amy was recovering back trying to get a toe in and got tangled up with the player. The ball was coming ot my hands and I don't think the Swedish pplayer would have got to it. But unfortunately it was a foul." 

On her save early in the match: 
"It could have been a turning point for the game. To make a save at the beginning of a game as a goalkeeper can be a big boost for your team. Unfortunately we didn't come out on top with that boost." 

On facing Brazil in the quarterfinal:
"We knew it could happen. Brazil's a great team with great individual players. Of course they have the best individual player [Marta] but there are holes. You can find holes in their defense and their midfield and there's space to play. If we come to play and play as a team we can come out on top. If we play well we can really take it to Brazil."

On facing Brazil:
"Brazil is a great team and I think we'll be ready to play them. Brazil is very technical and I think we're capable of playing against any team. You always want to win but this is the path we took and i'm excited about it. "

On Sweden’s performance:
“They put pressure on us and got two goals on set pieces. We’ll have to work on that, but it’s positive we didn’t give up anything in the run of play. We definitely had a great second half and came after it, but we were unlucky not to get that second goal. We played our style in the second half, we just didn’t have enough time.”

On facing Brazil in the quarterfinals:
“Brazil is definitely a great team to play against. We’ll have to get past them at some point to win the tournament, but now we may be going in a different path and playing them a little bit earlier. Marta is a great player, one of the best in the world, and there is nothing like playing them in the quarterfinals.”

On how the team will handle tonight’s loss:
“I don’t think this is really going to affect us. The way that we ended the game and how positive the team felt about how we played in the second half, we need to take that momentum going forward.”

On facing Brazil:
“Brazil has a lot of great individual players and it will be a tough game. They are very technical, fast and athletic so we’ll have our hands full. It will be a challenge, but we’ll be up to the task.”