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Quote Sheet: U.S. Tops Grenada 3-0

On whether he sensed frustration in the team as the first half progressed:
“We basically choreographed this game, knowing what it was going to look like.  We felt that their best 30 minutes of soccer were going to be the first 30 minutes, and we certainly saw that.  Give them credit.  They played with a lot of heart and emotion.  We needed to be a little sharper in our finishing.  I think the wind in the first half favored them a little bit.  At the end of the day, we’re certainly pleased with a three-goal margin.”

On Beasley’s goals:
“We talked to our wingers throughout the week about getting to the back post and trying to get crosses delivered there.  On the first goal, McBride and Kirovski were doing good jobs making runs in the six-yard box and opened up a hole.  The second goal is part of the reason we play Landon and DaMarcus where we play them.  On the counter with their speed coming out the break, they are outstanding.”

On whether he was concerned about too much expended energy in the first half without scoring goals:
“No, because the fitter team is our team.  All along, we knew over 90 minutes that their fitness was going to be a question.  However, it’s a little bit easier when they just sit back and aren’t running as much.  After 35 minutes, you could see that they were basically done.”

On whether he was concerned about the lack of scoring after the first half:
“We weren’t expecting to walk into halftime of any World Cup qualifying game and think that we will have five goals.  That doesn’t happen.  Tactically, I think the guys did the right things.  We got created chances, and got a lot of set pieces as we expected.   I think the wind threw us off a little bit in the first half.   Give them credit.  They had guys blocking shots off the line, and the goalkeeper making some good saves.  If they want to advance next week, they are going to have to score at least three goals.  If they want to do that, it’s going to take more than Jason Roberts.  That game will open up a bit.”

On the development of DaMarcus Beasley:
“Technically he’s getting a little bit better.  He’s getting a bit stronger, too.  He’s proven that he can play a full schedule in MLS, and rarely misses a National Team game.  The quality that he and Landon have as young players is that over 90 minutes they are unbelievably alert and never miss a beat.  It doesn’t mean that they are perfect and don’t foul up plays, but DaMarcus is a load on both sides of the ball.  I’ve always said that DaMarcus is about the best defensive player we have on our team.  Today he finished off two chances for us.  He gets it done.”

U.S. defender GREG VANNEY:
On getting the third goal:
“A two-goal lead is tough. You think you’re comfortable and you’re really not.  Three goals makes it a lot easier. Going down there, you never know what the surface is like, and you don’t want to leave it to chance. The goal was very important. It gives a little bit of comfort going down there.  But we still have a lot of work to do, and we’re going to be ready.”

On the mood of the team at halftime:
“It was upbeat and positive. We had some chances in the first half, and they had guys saving balls off the goal line and the goalkeeper doing really well. We need to do a little bit better with our finishing and our final service.”

U.S. goalkeeper KASEY KELLER:
On earning his record-breaking 38th career victory for the national team:
“It’s cool. I still feel good out there, even though I’m getting a bit older.  I’ve got plenty of more years left in me.  I got the shutout record last year, so with both the National Team and my club it’s been a nice year for me.  I’ve had a good career with the National Team, and I’ve got some good years left to go.”

U.S. midfielder DaMARCUS BEASLEY
On the tempo of the game:
“It was tough early.  We just kept trying to get crosses in the box, and getting a third or fourth runner in with Jovan and Brian, and it worked to our advantage at the end of the half. … It was frustrating, but in a game like this, it takes a lot to get the first goal.  Once you do, the second and third ones are going to come.  We’re confident going down to Grenada, and hopefully we can wrap it up there.”

On the second goal:
“Jovan made a great run to the near post, and there was no one else around me.  I didn’t know whether to hit it first time or take a touch, but I said ‘hey, might as well hit it first time.’  The ‘keeper was leaning to the near post, so I hit it far post and it went in.”

On Grenada playing defensively:
“I think so, but we expected that. We expected them to play with a lot of players deep. There are no easy games in international soccer. They were very well organized, and they had a lot of numbers in the box. We had a few chances. It’s a bit frustrating, but you have to keep plugging away. The goals came at important times.”

On his assist on the first goal:
“I just put it in the danger zone. We talked before the game about getting a lot of crosses in. We were able to get some openings out wide, and DaMarcus did well to get on the end of it. We had a few chances on crosses before that and were finally able to get one at a good time.”