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w/ WNT defender Tina Frimpong

Seeing as U.S. defender Tina Frimpong spends a lot of time with her five-year-old daughter MacKenzie (like, every waking hour when she’s not on the field or in the weight room), it follows that her musical tastes would be influenced by the precocious youngster. We asked the former Washington Husky what five albums she and MacKenzie would pick if they were running the music selection on the WNT bus.

1) MacKenzie and I adore Jason Mraz. He is our family favorite for sure. We like all of his albums, seriously.

2) MacKenzie and I also rock out to the soundtrack of High School Musical. It’s been a hit for kids. Disney Channel made it into a movie and we listen to it all day long. “Bop to the Top” is MacKenzie’s favorite. She knows all the words. So do I.

3) I really like Natasha Bedingfield’s debut album “Unwritten.” Actually, “Unwritten” is my favorite song. We listen to that at least once a day. It’s just a good happy song, which everyone needs.

4) MacKenzie really likes hip-hop so when a song comes on the radio in the car, we have our moments where we dance like crazy. Anytime Shakira comes on the radio, we are dancing. Luckily, she doesn’t know what all the words mean yet

5) When we are listening to music to just chill, we like Shawn McDonald, “Take My hand” off the Simply Nothing album. It’s a fast song, and MacKenzie is pretty proud that she can sing all the words.