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Tab Ramos

U-20 MNT Reaction vs. Colombia – May 30, 2013

U.S. U-20 MNT head coach TAB RAMOS
On the game against Colombia:
“It was certainly a different game than the last one. I thought was a big matchup for us and in the first half we did enough to take the lead and hang onto the lead. I was a little concerned with the initial 15 minutes of the second half when we lost control of the game, but we also lost composure. That’s a little bit disappointing for us, but in terms of everything else that the team had to offer I think we were able to draw some good conclusions today.”

On allowing two goals in five minutes:
“I wish I had the answer to that. It’s difficult to explain two goals. They were two very good crosses – the first one a very good cross to the far post and a good header. It was the same type of goal we gave up against France in the first game, which is a little bit concerning for us. So I think we just have to do better in the box in staying with our men and making sure we’re shutting things down.”

On the six starting lineup changes and analyzing the full roster:
“Every game we’re drawing new conclusions and changing the lineup and trying to select our final players for the World Cup, and I think today we gave opportunities to new players. We go back and we look at the video of the game and we see how the game went and how many opportunities these players created and we’re able to draw conclusions.”

On the play of forward Alonso Hernandez:
“Alonso Hernandez has played two games and he’s done quite well. We’re impressed with that. I think he’s put himself in a good position in a possible selection to the World Cup. He’s been doing well. He fights for every ball. He works for the team and he creates opportunities. Once you add to that players like Jose Villarreal and Mario Rodriguez and guys we don’t have here up top, we’re starting to think he may be a good addition for us.”

U.S. U-20 MNT forward DANNY GARCIA
On the game overall:
“The game was OK. It was not our best game. I didn’t think we played our style. Our playing style is keeping the ball and moving side to side. Today, I think we just launched it forward. I don’t think we connected passes and we didn’t communicate well. Moving forward, we’ve got to be more aggressive, speed up the play and get chances and not fall asleep in the back.”

On his corner kick goal:
“Technically, I wasn’t supposed to take the corners, actually. I took the corner and fortunately it went in. I have never actually scored like that, so I’m happy it went in.”

On the process of getting a lot of players time in preparation for the World Cup:
“It’s been helpful. We have a lot of good players, but mostly Tab wants to see players and give them a chance. We’ve got fresh legs that are getting more playing time, so that’s good.”