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Carli Lloyd

Quote Sheet: USA 4, Finland 0

On the first half:
“The first half was great. It started with one center midfielder scoring a goal, Shannon Boxx, and then the other one Carli Lloyd. The two center mids scoring goals is important. We talk about being dangerous regardless where you play on the field. We knocked it around quite a bit and Alex Morgan’s goal, the third goal, that’s world class. So, there were many good things in the first half.”

On the match and keeping the speed of play high:
“We played one touch and got so much room in the midfield and if we move it around a little bit and that open up either side. Today, especially first half, we did a good job and created many chances as well. In the second half, we made four changes and that’s hard to find the rhythm. At times we found did, but not so much, so what we did with 20 minutes left, we went to 4-5-1 and the reason for that is to save legs. And that was a good practice for the World Cup because we played a lot of games and it’s good to be able to save legs if you are a center mid or outside back.”

On facing Iceland in the championship game:
“They will have a lot of fight. That is something they always bring. They are proud with the way they are playing and they work really, really hard. Every single battle they will go in hard. This is the first time they are in the final, so it will be interesting to see how we deal with that because I don’t think we should just fight, that will be an ugly game. We should be more sophisticated than that. However, we still have to bring the U.S. mentality like we have done so far in this tournament.”

U.S. Midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On the match:
“We’re trying to focus on one thing and that’s to possess in the final third, create some good attacks and score some goals. I think we showed that in the beginning of the game. We kept our speed of play up which was good and realistic for us.”

On keeping the speed of play high:
“The speed of play is going to be huge in the World Cup. We can’t get out of rhythm with that. We have to continue to play quick. There are even a few moments where I have to remind myself to play quicker, even though the game is presenting itself with not a lot of pressure. But I think we did really good job of keeping the ball flowing and moving off the ball as well.”

On her goal:
“It’s fun playing with Tobin outside. She’s unpredictable (to the defense), but it’s easy to play with her and I feel I have a connection with her. It might be that Jersey connection we have. She was going at the player and I just knew to stay by her side because anything can happen. She committed that player phenomenally and laid it off and I happened to get a one touch and it went in.”

On scoring off a corner kick:
“We’ve been working on our set plays and Paul Rogers, our goalkeeper coach has been on us and we’ve done fairly well. We’ve got a couple of people who are able take the corner kicks; Megan Rapinoe, Lori Lindsey, me and Tarpley as well. We have to keep that going because it’s crucial that we score on set plays.”

U.S. Midfielder SHANNON BOXX
On controlling the midfield along with Carli Lloyd:
“You are starting to see that we are playing more and more together. We’ve told the backs, we want the ball. We want to be the ones setting play and we’ve done that in the last two games and the fact that we both got a goal today is awesome.”

On her goal off a corner kick:
“We’ve been working on that and that’s definitely one of our goals this trip was to score a lot of goals on set plays. It’s been a while, so it felt good.”

On playing with high energy all three games:
“We’ve talked about mentality this whole trip. Just because the team wasn’t as great, or it wasn’t a final game, we still have the mentality that we still need to do this every single game. We’re preparing for the World Cup. We are not preparing to win this tournament necessarily. Of course we want to win, but we’re looking into the future and how we want to play then and that starts now.“

On facing Iceland in the championship game:
“We haven’t played them in a while, but the thing that I remember is toughness. They are going to come and knock you, so you have to play quick. You can’t hold onto the ball because they are going to hit you. Obviously, they’ve done really well on that side (of the draw), but we’ll have to take a look at some clips and see how can beat them. I think in the end we are focusing on ourselves and the mentality we have showed through the whole tournament and we need to keep that going.”

U.S. forward ALEX MORGAN
On pairing with Lauren Cheney and her goals:
“It was nice to get my first start of the tournament and I think Cheney and I play really well together so we kind of showed that in the first half. We were just looking for those balls from the defenders and looking to play off of that. I got a great ball from Ali on the first goal and on the second one, tried once, tried twice and finally succeeded on the third (shot).”

On playing with high energy despite already being in the final:
“I think it’s a must-win always. Even though we were already through to the final, it was still important for us to keep that rhythm and continue to play our game. We’ve really been focusing on our mentality going into games so I think that was important this game to work on that.”

On her first goal:
“I knew it was a perfect ball and I was looking to chest it down and slot it into the goal but the ‘keeper came out quickly and luckily I got a touch on it before she did.”