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Mother's Day Wishes from the U-20 MNT

With the players and staff heading to Rochester on Sunday, most were unable to spend quality time with their mother on her special day. Although out of sight, no one’s mom was out of mind as they all either did something before they left or have something planned when they got back later this week. Some players let us know what those plans included...

Sal Zizzo
“I’ve been traveling, so I couldn’t do too much other than send a card, give her a call and say thank you. I’m planning on doing something for her when I get back home after the camp here. We’ll probably go out to dinner, most likely heading to our family restaurant in Little Italy in San Diego.”

Jules Valentin
“My mom always showed me how to never get overwhelmed, and how to organize, prioritize. She has always been there for me and I’ve always admired and respect how she took care of me and my brothers. She’s really my best friend. I feel comfortable telling her anything. She does all the motherly things. Thanks mom!”

Amaechi Igwe
“My mom actually flew in for our game in Los Angeles on Saturday. I gave her my first ever game jersey, which I got signed by the entire team.”

Tim Ward
“I just got my mom flowers, so that’s not too exciting. But I really do appreciate my mom so much. She’s always tried to do as much as possible for us, even when things don’t work out great. My dad is actually the cook in the house, but I still remember one time she slaved all day in the kitchen to make us meatloaf. The only problem was when she pulled it out of the oven, she dropped it and the glass container broke and meatloaf was all over the floor. We didn’t get meatloaf that day, but I just remember that as an example of my mom trying to do everything she can for all of us.”

Jalil Anibaba
“Since I was on the plane here I didn’t get to see her, but I did leave her a message to tell her Happy Mother’s Day. She’s really excited that I’m in this camp. If she was here, I would definitely hear her in the crowd because she would always come out to my soccer games and instead of clapping, she would jiggle her keys.”

Johann Smith
“I left today for Rochester after just getting back from England, so I didn’t have much time. I did give her a kiss and wish her Happy Mother’s Day this morning and I’m planning on calling her today. When I get back, I’ll probably get her a present.”

Josmer Altidore
“The one thing that always amazes me is how much she cares. She’s always asking me how I’m feeling, how I’m doing. She’s always there for me and always being a mom, 24/7. I got her a present and just told her thanks and that I love her very much.”

Robbie Rogers
“My mom is just an amazing and unique person. She took care of five kids all while working at her job, and always being there for us. I know if I make the World Cup team she will definitely be the loudest fan. Nothing I get her would be enough, but I did hook her up with a Cole Hahn backpack.”

Chris Seitz
“My mom is always there for me, and always on my side. I got her some flowers and talked to her on the phone. Thanks for everything mom.”