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Post-Match Quote Sheet: Brazil 4, USA 2

Post-Match Quote Sheet
Brazil 4, USA 2
Sept. 9, 2007 – Soldier Field

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY:

On how Carlos Bocanegra matched up against the Brazilian attack:
“When you play as a central defender against those kinds of players you have your hands full. Carlos for the United States is a very important player; his leadership and presence makes a big difference.”

On the result:
We don’t leave today pleased about the result. We’re playing in the U.S, the game is 2-2 and we had a little bit of momentum, so at that point you feel like that game could be ours, or that game could end 2-2. There are things that we can improve on, but we feel that little by little we are making these improvements.”

U.S. forward JOSH WOLFF

“We stepped up to the challenge early on and put them under some pressure. Obviously they do a good job of getting out of some spots and being dangerous, but we got a nice goal, an early goal. The first half was fairly tight, but I would say it was pretty even.”

On the result:
At the end of the day it’s 4-2, but the result doesn’t say enough about the play. We did better than 4-2. I’ll give them credit. They took the chances well and it would have been nice to keep it more even on the score line. But it was great energy, great attitude and I think we played pretty well today.”

U.S. midfielder BENNY FEILHABER:

On playing against his native country:
“This game was really special for me. I think it’s always special to play against the country you were born in. I was able to talk to a lot of the guys on the Brazilian National Team. I’ve played against Juan before so he came up and talked to me and it was nice. After the first five to ten minutes you forget who you’re playing against and you just play.”

On how the team will learn from this game:
“Our team is capable of a lot. We’re going to keep growing and Michael (Bradley) and I are going to continue to work together. We’re still developing and we’re going to keep growing as a team.”

U.S. defender and team captain CARLOS BOCANEGRA

On coming from behind:
“I thought our effort to come back when we were down 2-1 was really good and that’s something we’ve been building on.”

On the way Brazil won:
“They beat us on dead balls today and we’re usually pretty good with those. You don’t really think about Brazil beating you on those, you think about them passing through. The midfielder and forwards did a really good job. We played a really good team defense and they just scored when they had their chances.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN

On his team’s performance:
“Overall I was proud of how we played. Obviously we made some mistakes, but I think under normal circumstances, you play against anyone else you are going to have a real chance to be in that game. But it's against Brazil - you make a mistake and they are going to punish you."

U.S. forward and Sierra Mist Man of the Match CLINT DEMPSEY

On his success in scoring at Soldier Field, having scored his first international goal here against England:
“I don’t know. I never think about it. I just go out there and I try to create chances and hopefully one goes in the back of the net. I’ve been fortunate even to have two goals here. Solider Field has been good to me.”

On the team’s performance:
“It was good. We knew coming into the game it was going to be tough, but we knew if we organized as a team we would get the ball more, they would make mistakes and we could counter. If you look at the game, we were in it until the 74th minute. It was frustrating not to get a PK called for Wolff, and yet there was a free kick call two minutes after our goal, so it really took the wind out of our sails. They get a PK and it’s 4-2. I think we played better than a 4-2 result—3-2 would have been more justice, but that is how soccer is sometimes. You can definitely take the positives from it. We were organized and we gave it the best we could do. If we do that in the future, I think good things will happen. We just need to build upon each game, and having a game like this under our belt will give us more confidence.”

Describing his goal:
“It was good for Eddie to hold the ball up and play it to Landon. Landon played a good ball up top to Stevie with a good overlapping run. I felt like the only way I could get the ball was if I sat back a little bit and wait for him to cut it to me. I think at the same time I did that he was thinking the same thing. It was a good ball in, and all you could do is go far post. I did that and fortunately it went in.”

On what he takes away from the game:
“What I take way from the game is that we were able to compete with one of the best teams in the world and we were in it for almost the whole game. That’s always a positive, and we stated really organized as a team. Everyone was on the same page, and not a lot of teams have that. We were able to show that we are united as a team, and we can do something special in the future.”

U.S. goalkeeper TIM HOWARD

On dealing with his dislocated finger:
“It was pretty sore. I just tried to play through it, and hoped that the adrenaline would get me through it. You know to be honest, you know how it is when you travel with injuries—right now it’s swollen like a balloon, and I’m hoping that the flight doesn’t take too much out of it. I’ll see the doctors when I get back.”

On having Brazil players in the wall when Ronaldinho scored a free kick:
“A lot of teams do that now. It’s almost impossible to see the ball. It still goes on in my side, and I’m disappointed with that. I need to find a way to get a glance. It’s partly the guys in the wall, but I don’t like to lay blame. I think that you give a team like Brazil an inch they are going to take a mile. Those things happen unfortunately.”

On what he takes away from the game:
“Well, I think the end result is that we are never going to play a team better than Brazil. The intensity and the preparation that we brought to this game, now knowing, and not to disrespect any teams, but we are going to step on to the field and play against a team that’s not going to be Brazil. We can take it to them, and play with confidence. I think hopefully we take those good things from the game.”


On the team’s performance:
“As a team, the way we went out and competed, it was definitely a step in the right direction for us. We aren’t there yet, but it’s going in the right direction.”

“I thought we were able to get after them in a way that wasn’t just an easy game for them. It wasn’t a game that they could just get away with whatever they wanted. We were organized and we made it hard for them. So, obviously that was good. I think in the end if some of the calls went a little differently, we could have easily walked away with a win, but that’s soccer.”


On the game:
“You know the good teams in the world always figure out a way to get the job done. We had a good goal. It was a good build up on Dempsey’s goal. I thought we did well. We were still celebrating in our minds, instead of remembering that we were playing the best team in the world. We lost focus and concentration. But the effort was there, the commitment was there. It was just little things. It’s tiresome sometimes, but at the same time we did pretty well. They scored pretty much on our mistakes.”

“Not a lot of people gave us a chance today. The way we came out and played today I think we gave a lot of effort and heart. I’m proud of performance, but disappointed with our result.”

U.S. forward DAVY ARNAUD

On getting his first cap:
“It feels great. It doesn’t matter who it’s against. It’s an honor to wear the jersey and play for your country. It being against Brazil was a bonus. It was a big honor for me.”