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w/ WNT goalkeeper Hope Solo

Favorite city you’ve lived outside of Richland, Washington, while playing professional soccer: Philadelphia, Pa., Gothenburg, Sweden or Lyon, France?

“While it’s hard to beat Richland, Washington for nightlife and culture, I’d have to say Gothenburg. Mostly because of the people and the long-lasting friendships I made. The people you meet are just genuine, nice people, and very open. Lyon was nice for the whole European cultural experience, but people weren’t as friendly. It’s close to Paris and the rest of Europe and that was a blast.”

Favorite leisure activity while on the road with the team: grab a movie, hit the mall or go out for a good meal?
“You are saying after I watching seven episodes of “24” or “Lost?” Then, it’s probably shopping. I love to shop alone, which I do on every trip. But if I am with a teammate or two, it’s going to a movie.”

Best pre-game ritual: sleeping, listening to music or just relax?
“Relaxing with “24,” again. I know some people wouldn’t think Jack Bauer is relaxing, but for me, somehow, it is.”

Best thing to do at the beach: Take a dip, lay out or play volleyball?
“Beach volleyball for sure. I’ve played some doubles tournaments and love the sport.”

Clothing accessory you’re most likely to purchase when you go shopping: Shoes, purse or jewelry?
“Jewelry. In particular, bracelets, watches…just things that go on the wrist. I am an accessory junkie. I have hundreds of necklaces, bracelets, earnings, nose studs, and bellybutton jewelry, and I don’t even wear any of it! I just keep getting new ones.”

Type of pet you’d most like to have: dog, cat or goldfish?
“A big dog, I don’t like the little small things. Maybe a Husky, an English Sheepdog or a German Shepard, but my favorite dog of all-time is the Burmese Mountain Dog. They are beautiful, loyal and so friendly to people.”

Out of the 109 goals you scored as a forward at Richland High School, how many did you tally in your senior season to set the conference single-season record: 35, 37 or 38?
“I want to say it was 38? Of course I go with the highest number, but I honestly don’t remember.”

World Cup opponent the U.S. has the best chance of defeating: Czech Republic, Italy or Ghana?
“I was thinking they are going to beat Italy…and I’m Italian. That’s a big statement, but I think they can do it.”

Current U.S. WNT player you’d like to avoid taking on one-v-one in a game: Abby Wambach, Kristine Lilly or Heather O’Reilly?
“I’m going to go with Heather, because I am always thinking I am going to get the ball off her foot and she puts a little burst of speed to chip it over me. Abby just kicks it really, really hard at me, but at least I can throw my body at the ball. Lil is hard to read as well, because she can finish equally well with her left and right foot.”

Superstitions on day of game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
“My grandma tells me that there is no such thing as luck. You basically create your own luck through hard work and preparation. I used to hang stuff in my locker, and put things on my shoes, and wear wristbands on my upper left calf, and if anything was wrong, I would get flustered. But now it doesn’t matter what happens in my day as long as I am mentally ready to play. That I think is growth as a player. But to be honest, I do always wear a hat to the game. Is that a superstition? Or just good style?”

All-time goalkeeping record you set at the University of Washington that you’re most proud of: Shutouts (18), saves (325) or goals against average (1.02)?
“I can’t answer that question because stats mean nothing to me as a goalkeeper. Shutouts aren’t an individual stat, it’s a team stat. If I have a lot of saves, it means I’m not organizing my defense well enough and goals against average is just another way of talking about shutouts and goals allowed, it’s still a team stat.”

How the Lyon’s (men’s team) will fair in the Champions League this year: Lose in quarterfinals, advance to semifinals or make it to the final?
“I think this is the year they could make it to the semifinals, which would be awesome for the club as they have not been able to break through the past two years. They have an amazing attacking team.”

Best U.S. National Team player from the State of Washington: Kasey Keller, Michelle Akers or Chris Henderson?
“I am going to stick with the goalkeeper union and say Kasey Keller, partly because I aspire to play as long as he has. He’s done so much for Washington soccer, especially the goalkeepers, and I know he will have a great World Cup this summer.”

Other Sports:
Favorite non-soccer professional sports team from the city of Seattle: Seahawks, Supersonics or the Mariners?
“Ooooh…tough one. After the Super Bowl year, and with them playing entertaining football, I have to go with the Seahawks. Even though we got robbed in the Super Bowl. It was a conspiracy!”

Sport you’d like to play professionally besides soccer: Basketball, golf or tennis?
“Easy question. I was a baller back in the day. Basketball was my first love, that and playing on the field in soccer. How did I become a goalkeeper?”

You’re in charge of providing dinner: Making a meal, hitting the frozen pizza or going out?
“Depends who I am in charge for. I need to know the number of people for dinner, and I need a “relational definition” if it’s a single guest. Otherwise, I am likely to go out to pick up and bring back.”

Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese/Asian?
“Mexican all the way. Good thing I’ll be in Southern California during Residency this summer.”

Better dessert: Cake, ice cream or pie?
”Ice cream. I would have to go with Blizzards at DQ. I love Oreo and Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.”

Best date activity: Dinner and a movie, sporting event or comedy club?
“I would have to say sporting event. It’s a great way to break the ice and have fun, but don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up and get wined and dined by a handsome gentleman. Are you reading this Adrian?”

Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” or “American Idol”?
“I have zero singing talent what-so-ever. My sister can vouch for that. We are the two worst singers in the world. I’ve had a lot of experience traveling, so I think I could win Amazing Race with my friend Malia, but I’d really like a shot at Survivor.”

Favorite female resident on “Grey’s Anatomy”: Meredith, Isobel or Cristina?
“Don’t watch, sorry. Too busy catching up on “24” and “Lost.” I can’t seem to watch shows when they are actually on. I have to wait for the DVDs.”

Best past female “American Idol” winner: Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino or Carrie Underwood?
“I have to go with Kelly Clarkson, because it’s the only show I watched. But I have to reiterate…too busy with “24” to watch American Idol. I am only on the second season!”

Favorite women’s mag: Glamour, Cosmopolitan or InStyle?
“That’s hard. Well, Cosmo for the gossip, InStyle for the styles and Glamour because for the photography. I read them all. Well, flip through them all.”

Best Hollywood gossip mag: People, US Weekly or In Touch?
“You are making me feel like I do nothing but read popular mags, but I am a fan of People, because I feel like it’s real gossip as opposed to made up gossip. I do want make clear that I do read real books, that I am trying to expand my horizons and I’m even trying to read a book in Spanish.”

Best Seattle grunge band from the 1990s: Pearl Jam, Nirvana or Alice in Chains?
“Honestly, I really like them all. I am going to go with Pearl Jam, even though I really liked Kurt Cobain.”

Member you like to be if you were in a rock band: Lead vocalist, lead guitarist or drummer?
“We already established that I can’t sing. I’ve always wanted to play the drums. There ya go.”