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Memories of Mooch: Oct. 10

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Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

MNT Asst. Glenn Myernick Passes Away



Glenn "Mooch" Myernick


“He was an unbelievable husband and father, and the finest soccer person I've ever come across in the United States. He was an amazing resource for soccer in this country. He will be sorely missed."

- Former U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena

October 10, 2006

Subject: My first encounter with The Myernick's

My cousin Will and I were in our early teens juggling a soccer ball on the street we grew up on in Trenton, NJ (Oak Lane) when Mooch's brother Bob came out of a house that he was renovating. He introduced himself and spent a little time with us as we tried to master the ball. The next day Bob offered that his parents were going to see Mooch play for the US National Team as part of a critical home and home with Mexico.

The Myernicks did not know me and Will, they simply saw two kids from Trenton (Mooch's hometown) who loved the game of soccer.

Mr. and Mrs. Myernick put us in the backseat of their station wagon and we headed for Delaware. They were incerdibly nice to us, packed food and sodas and even made sure we had seat cushions. Mooch signed autographs for me and Will and spent time talking with us and his parents following a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Mexico.

I'll never forget how well Mooch did, playing left back and marking Mexico's top forward. He was ruthless and relentless at the back, clean and hard on the tackle and was a critical part of a decimated US lineup due to a bad case of food poisoning from the first leg in Mexico.

It was one of two times I had ever seen him play. The second was during the NCAA final four when Mooch and his Hartwick team won the National Championship.

We all loved Mooch in the Trenton area. We had many great players to emulate while growing up, but Mooch always seemed to rise to the top. Seemed like a soccer day did not go by that Mooch's name didn't come up, he was a huge influence in this area, and certainly will continue to be.

We have lost a hero, but we'll never lose the memory of Mooch and all the stories we heard growing up, and the stories we continue to hear. We will always do our best to carry on his legacy and his love and passion for the game of soccer.

With deepest condolences to the entire Myernick family, a Mooch fan from Trenton, N.J.

Patrick Murphy


With a lot of teams, a reporter feels just slightly shuffled off when an assistant coach comes out to do a press conference, but I always looked forward to Mooch's appearances. I know Bruce will understand what I am saying here. Mooch was his own man -- funny, verbal and bold, and didn't mind prodding a player, or explaining something, or making a little diversion. He gave away no secrets but was an engaging man.

My wife and I ran into him and a few staff members in a Starbucks in Essen last summer (after the 2006 World Cup). He was thoroughly enjoying the coffee and the air conditioning and being out in another city ... just full of life. After we left, we commented on what a cool guy he was.

I am in shock that a man so vital, so youthful, is gone so quickly. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

George Vecsey,
Sports Columnist
The New York Times


To the entire Myernick family:

My condolences to you all. I knew "Mooch" through MLS, primarily when I would ask him questions prior to a telecast, and inevitably the conversation would wander far afield, but always about our mutually favorite sport. He always had the integrity of the game in mind. So no matter where he is now, I'm certain he's hearing, "well done, good and faithful servant." All the best to you all … now and always.

Bill McDermott
MLS Television


My Dear Friend Mooch:

I was very lucky to have been able to have worked with you as an assistant with the Colorado Rapids. You were my mentor, my teacher, my friend. I will miss you for how you were -- a tireless coach, a love of life and, most of all, for the way you loved all of us as your brothers. The soccer world here in America has lost a true, genuine, PASSIONATE person. I'm very lucky to have had the opportunity to work and learn beside you.

Please rest and play some soccer in the big sky, also save us a place in your team.

Sincerely your friend,

Daniel A Gonzalez.


I am so sad to hear that Mooch has passed away. I have known him since I was 9, when my dad, Daniel Gonzalez, and him coached together for the Colorado Rapids in 1999 to 2001. He was like a second father to me, and he always looked out for me and was one of the best guys you'd ever meet. His passion for soccer was amazing. He was a dedicated coach, father, husband and friend. About 5 months ago he came to Madison to visit my father and me and to do some soccer related things with my dad's club. He stayed at our house and went downtown with me and my mom one day, it feels just like yesterday.

I miss him terribly, and I will never forget him.



I meet Mooch in Sept. 1998 in Arizona when his Colorado Rapids were playing an exhibition with the Arizona Sahuaros. I got his autograph, and he was very friendly and kind. I only talked to him once, but I'll miss him.

Tony Genualdi
Scottsdale, AZ


I met and knew Glenn Myernick through the USSF organization, C license course, which I was and remain a proud member today. I remember Glenn as being passionate, tough natured, honest, and a lifetime friend through soccer.

I will miss him. Deepest sympathy and thoughts,

Andrew Uglehus


You never change. I will miss you very much.

Juan Carlos Michia
National Staff Coach
U.S. Soccer


Subject: With Deepest Sympathy -- ATLANTA, GEORGIA SOCCER FAMILY

On behalf of the Atlanta, Georgia soccer family I want to express our deepest sympathy on the passing of THE GREAT Glenn Mooch Myernick.

He was a GREAT: Father, Husband, Player and Coach..a servant of the game of soccer.

YOU WILL BE MISSED MOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Viger
USSF A LIcense
Westminster Schools 2006 State Champions


Subject: Mooooooooch!!

Watching the Hartwick Warriors play in the mid 70's was a treat due to Glenn Myernick. I'll never forget the fan's roaring "Moooooooch" whenever there was a free kick from 40 yards and in.

Don Huntington, Schenevus, NY


I was attending a Region III Hall of Fame dinner honoring Tom Fleck this past Saturday when the news of Mooch's heart attack was announced. In talking to many of the attendees after that dinner it was amazing the number of people who knew Mooch and the love and respect they all had for him. He was always thinking of others and their needs before his own, truly a gentleman and a friend to all. I will miss his infectious smile and sparkling eyes, I will carry his memory in my heart as I know it will be in the hearts of all who knew him.

My thoughts and prayers are with Nancy, Kelly and Travis in their time of grief.


R E "Bob" Black Jr.
Executive Director
North Texas Soccer


Thanks for all your contributions to the beautiful game of soccer Mooch. It's because of your passion and energy and others like you that the game of soccer is so popular and has made so much progress in our beloved US of A these days. I'm just a "wanna be" coach, who loves the same game you loved.

I didn't know you but when I got word of your heart attack this weekend and then of your passing today my heart was heavy. I kept thinking, why am I so sad, I didn't even know Mooch. Not as a friend or teammate ... but I did know you, Glenn ... as a member of the U.S. Soccer community I knew you. I had seen you conduct several clinics at the NSCAA convention, and I had seen you on the sidelines of our U.S. National Team. Your passion and intensity were inspiring.

I feel like I know you and I only wished I'd have known you better. Thank you for all you did for the development of the game here in the U.S. To Nancy and family, thank you for sharing Glenn with the soccer community. He was a blessing to the game and to many of us small guys who shared his love for the game. Know that you have already been prayed for and will be prayed for regularly in the days to come. Honestly!

Brian Davidson
Sports Friends International
Founder of the Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club



You are one of the greatest soccer players to ever come out of the Trenton area as well as a great person and role model. We have great memories of you from Lawrence High School, Hartwick College, Bronco Soccer Camp, the Ex, the NASL, and the U.S. National Team. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family at this very difficult time. Rest in peace, Mooch, we will miss you.


The Fink Brothers
Trenton, NJ

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