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Post Game Quote Sheet: U.S. U-20 MNT vs. Germany

U.S. head coach THOMAS RONGEN

On how he chose his lineup for the game against Germany:
“First and foremost, we prepared for about 12 days prior to this game, and unfortunately we are in a situation where we have players that don’t get a lot of playing time. We went with our 11 who we thought were sharp and in the best form at this juncture of the season, so to speak. It was also based on our scouting report against Germany, so it was a combination of those two things.”

On what he thought of the team’s first game:
“This clearly wasn’t a good day for us. We have to give Germany some credit, they are the European champions and we knew we’d be in for a long and hard match, we were prepared for that. Saying that, the team as a whole, especially in the first half, gave Germany a little too much respect. We tried to pull back in the second half, where we played somewhat better with the changes that we made. Based on performances and the scouting of Cameroon, I would certainly think that we will make some changes for our next game.”

U.S. goalkeeper BRIAN PERK
On the game against Germany:
“We obviously didn’t play too well, but we can take the positives from the second half, where we came out fighting, had nothing to lose and played much better. Our tempo was better and in general everything was better. We got a little unlucky with the third goal but if we can carry the second half into the next two games, a point and a win and we can still get through. It hurts to lose like that, but we can’t be too disappointed because we have to move on.”