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Postcard from China: Marian Dalmy

Every so often during the Women’s World Cup, a U.S. Women’s National Team player will write an e-postcard, filling in the fans back home on the happenings of the team, off the field activities, and anything else on their mind. Today, we start with the only player on the U.S. Women’s World Cup roster who is making her first trip to China. Former Santa Clara University star Marian Dalmy, a 22-year old defender, checks in from Shanghai on the USA’s first few days, the DVDs she’ll be watching and her glorious victory over Marci Jobson.

Hello from Shanghai! Our Women’s World Cup officially started yesterday after we arrived in China and took a long bus ride from the airport to the hotel. No one really minded the traffic too much as everyone was in a pretty good mood, laughing, talking and basically just goofy from the 13-hour flight.

Marci Jobson, who is usually Ms. Chatty, was apparently still feeling the effects of her sleeping pill and was uncharacteristically quiet. She was not in the mood to talk, but we still kept talking to her anyway. It’s the World Cup! We are all excited want to make sure we enjoy the journey. Luckily, Marci got some rest and was in her usual social mood today.

All the players got a solid 10 hours of sleep last night, which put everyone (not only Marci) in a good mood at breakfast, and the team was excited to start training. Even the steady rain at our first practice didn’t dampen the mood too much. Everyone is just happy to finally be here at the World Cup. We hear there is going to be more rain on the way, but I don’t think it will affect this team too much. It’s not cold rain like back home in Colorado. It’s warm and humid.

My roommate is Natasha Kai, which means we will be watching a lot of CSI Miami. She brought the first two seasons and was super excited to find that every room has a DVD player in it! I will battle her for DVD player time as I brought the first two seasons of Beverly Hills 90210. By the way, those box sets are expensive! 50 bucks! It’s worth it though, because we will have a lot of downtime to fill.

The defenders got a treat today during our first training in China. We had a short practice and everyone, not only those forwards and midfielders, got to participate in finishing drills! Even the goalkeepers got to take shots! It brought me back to my old days as a forward. Kate Markgraf, despite the fact that she’s not known for her scoring talents on the National Team, was pretty good in front of the net! Maybe we need to get her forward more often? Cat Whitehill was also good, but she has something like 10 career goals. That’s an embarrassment of riches for a defender. Marci and I had a bet before we started on who would score more. We got two points for a header goal and one for a shot with our feet. She ended with one point and I ended with three. Not the best display of finishing for either us, but I still won!

I haven’t had the chance to see much of Shanghai yet, but my first impression was Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and San Francisco all wrapped into one. The tall buildings are endless. Our hotel, though, is awesome. The people are so friendly and the service we are getting is fantastic. Our mini-fridges are stocked constantly with Gatorade and water. I will not go thirsty this World Cup. Everyone at the hotel couldn’t have been more welcoming so we are settling in well even though we are so far from home. I got a Chinese cell phone, but only my boyfriend and my parents have the number. Too expensive! For all you Broncos back home, email me. I will write back.

That’s about it from China. Thanks for following the team on and when the games start on ESPN and ESPN2. We will be working hard to make everyone at home proud.

Take Care,