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Super Clasico: L.A. Galaxy vs. Chivas USA

In this segment we usually take you behind the scenes of one of our national teams to see some of the inner workings on display, but this time we decided to shift gears and concentrate on a few of our national team players as they compete with their professional club.

Simply stated, the L.A. Galaxy and Chivas USA don’t like each other.

They share the same training facilities. Their front offices are in the same building. They play in the same stadium.

It’s like sharing a room with your brother. And with all that time they spend together, or at least near each other, you can’t really blame them for not really getting along.

But while close quarters and a disdain for each other can fuel a rivalry, it doesn’t create one. A rivalry is formed when there’s actual competition between the two clubs, when each team has taken its shots, but also come away victorious.

Last year, calling the meetings a Super Clasico was more of a marketing spin. The Galaxy walked all over the MLS newbies and words like competition and rivalry were the last things that came to mind.

Oh, how a year changes things.

After falling to the Galaxy in their first meeting of ’06, Chivas USA claimed their first victory over their “brothers” on June 8. The term Super Clasico was now valid.

With the third meeting ending in a draw, everything was even going into their final match on Sept. 30. And not only was the Super Clasico trophy and L.A. bragging rights on the line, but playoff lives were stake.

We could write about what happened, but why do that when we can just show you what happened.

In an exclusive video, brings you all the passion, all the intensity and all the action between the L.A. Galaxy and Chivas USA as they face-off in the deciding Super Clasico of the season.