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U.S. Soccer Referee Terry Vaughn

Best place to live: On a beach, in the heart of a big city or on a large ranch?
“Definitely a ranch. I like to get out away from everybody and be by myself, with family and stuff.”

Best pre-game ritual: sleeping, listening to music or just relaxing?
“Hanging out and relaxing. I don’t like doing too much of a routine, because if you get a routine you can get disrupted and things will go bad if you have too much of a ritual.”

Super power you’d most like to have: Ability to fly, invisibility or super strength?
“Let’s go with super strength. It’d be nice to be able to move some things around that are in the way.”

Favorite subject in school: Math, science or English?
“I’ll have to go with science; biology and that type of stuff.”

Electronic equipment you couldn’t live without: Cell phone, computer or Ipod?
“I’ll have to say probably my cell phone.”

Favorite color shirt to wear while officiating a soccer match: classic black, yellow/gold or red/burgundy?
“Definitely black. It’s sharp and puts some weight on you.”

Toughest situation for a referee: giving an early red card, awarding a late PK or disallowing a goal?
“I’ll go with disallowing a goal. The balls already gone in, and everybody’s celebrating, and the emotions are gonna go from one side to the other real quick.”

Who’s hardest on refs: coaches, players or fans?
“Let’s go with the players. That’s because we’re within close proximity. The coaches are probably harder on us, but you can’t hear them all the time. And our stadiums, there are so many people that you can’t hear totally what’s being said by the fans.”

Favorite MLS stadium to referee a game in: The Home Depot Center, Pizza Hut Park or Toyota Park?
“That’s a tough one. I’ll go with Toyota Park because it’s close to home, being here in Chicago.”

Other than MLS, league in the world that you’d most like to officiate a match: English Premier League, Serie A or German Bundesliga?
“I’d say Bundesliga. I took German in high school and I’ve always had a thing for the Germans.”

Superstitions on day of a game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
“I have one. Right before I go on the field I take a moment all by myself, put my head down, pull my thoughts together and walk away. And as I’m doing it, I make three hard claps to focus me on where I’m going.”

What sport is the most difficult to officiate other than soccer: Football, hockey or basketball?
“I’d say football just because there are so many different rules. I’ve seen the book they have. It would weigh this desk down.”

What single play is the most difficult action to officiate in sports: calling balls or strikes in baseball, a ‘catch’ in football or a foul in basketball?
“I think that strikes are hard.”

Sport you most like to officiate other than soccer: basketball, football or baseball?
“I think basketball. I like how their system works and how they work together in rotation and stuff like that.”

Sport you most like to play besides soccer: basketball, baseball/softball or golf?
“Golf I suck at. Let’s go with basketball.”

Best sporting event: NCAA Final Four, Super Bowl or the World Cup?
“World Cup hands down. Anybody that looks at it from even an outside eye at all will see that it’s every four years and it’s everyone in the world and you never get any of that in any of those other events.”

Best kind of dishes you can make: breakfast items, dinner entrees or desserts?
“I’ll go with dessert because I love making sundaes. Ice cream sundaes with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a little sprinkle of nuts.”

Best concession snack at a ballgame: Hotdog, nachos or pretzel?
“Nachos with cheese heated, loaded up with jalapenos.”

You’re in charge of dinner: Cooking an actual meal, throwing in a frozen pizza or heading to a restaurant?
“Head out to a restaurant. I can cook a little bit but I’d much rather save the time and the chances of ruining the meal.”

Funniest animated series: “Simpsons,” “Family Guy” or “South Park”?
“‘South Park.’ I don’t watch it much, but it’s the only one I’ve seen.”

Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” or “American Idol”?
“‘The Amazing Race.’ You get to go to a million places and it’s a good story throughout, and challenging.”

Best soccer movie: “Victory,” “Bend it Like Beckham” or “Kick and Screaming”?

Type of music you listen to most: Classic rock, Top 40 or classical?
“No country? Can we have a write in? I like Garth Brooks.”

You become blessed with an amazing musical voice. What singing career would you pursue: member of a boy band, solo artist or lead vocal in band?
“Traditional band. Simple. I’d be the vocal if I had to be.”

What’s your initial reaction to this referee’s unique style: Some efficient movements, it’s completely ridiculous or what unique style?
“I think he has a very unique style. I think I’m going to use some of those moves.”