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Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT 6, New Zealand 1

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Greg Ryan

On the game:
“I was pleased with the match. I thought that we took New Zealand quite seriously. We went after them, played very hard, created a ton of chances, missed a few chances early, but then took care of the rest pretty well.”

“When you go into a World Cup, it’s good to be hitting the back of the net regularly, building the confidence of our strikers.”

“The first 65 minutes I thought we played well, cohesively, created a lot, and that’s our goal. We want to create as many chances as we can and finish as many as we can. That was the goal for this week and we got that done.”

On the U.S. substitutions:
“I made a lot of changes in the second half and I think that took away a little bit from our rhythm. The last 20 minutes was a low for us. It wasn’t the players as much as just so many changes, but we want to get people on because they need to touch the field before we go to the World Cup.”

On the starting lineup possibly being the same for the World Cup:
“It’s hard to say. We’ve got some great players on the bench. Carli Lloyd, for instance. She came in off the bench, scored two goals and hit the post at the buzzer. She has a lot of talent. I think we’re going to see three or four more players working into that starting lineup, as well. Based on the opponent, we’ll decide which group will start.”

On Carli Lloyd’s improvement:
“Carli has had a great year for us. She’s scored a lot of goals and has been doing very well. Last year she got a lot of playing time but wasn’t getting goals. This year she’s getting playing time and goals, so that’s good.”

On the status of midfielder Aly Wagner:
“She’s still working at it. She’s still nursing that groin. It’s on the upswing.”

U.S. WNT Forward Abby Wambach
On what she takes from a game like this:
“You get a lot of people playing time. You start to develop the confidence that you need during a world championship. New Zealand is a great team; they’re a World Cup team, so this is a confidence builder for everybody, not just the veterans, but also the players who have never seen time on a world championship field.”

On Carli Lloyd:
“Carli Lloyd has the ability and potential to change a game whenever she decides to, and you saw that today. She can score almost at will, hit a couple posts, had that great header that (Lindsay) Tarpley ended up finishing. In a lot of ways, when you tell Carli, ‘You know what, I don’t think you can do this, you have to prove it to us,’ Carli shows up and proves it to us. She did that today. What a wonderful player. What a great goal she scored.”

On the team chemistry heading into the World Cup:
“It just feels good. On a gut level, this team feels right. It’s the right players heading into a world championship. All of our pistons are firing at the same time. You had a bunch of different goal scorers today, which is evidence of your team coming together in unity. That’s all you can ask for heading into a world championship.”

On how U.S. WNT head coach Greg Ryan has developed that chemistry:
“I think he’s done it slowly but surely. He hasn’t had the highest of expectations in terms of our goal production, but we keep winning games you can’t complain about that. Greg is doing something right or else we wouldn’t be playing so well.”

On how the chemistry compares to other world championship team she was on:
“I think the chemistry is great, if not better. We’re tinkering with a few different systems right now trying to figure out what’s going to work out best against our first opponent, North Korea, in the World Cup. That’s our main focus. Our chemistry is doing very well. I think the more and more we play together, as everybody gets 100 percent healthy we’re going to go out there and pretty much lay it all out on the line and hopefully come back with a championship.”

U.S. WNT midfielder Carli Lloyd
On her first two-goal game:
“I think in the last two years it’s just been an interesting run with me. Getting used to the national team and getting used to the coaching staff and they’ve been so supportive. You know, I’m learning. I’m growing as a player and anything I can do to contribute to the team, to help win, that’s what I’m there for. I had a little bit of a different role today, coming off the bench and playing up top. I like playing forward. I’ve played forward before in college and it was great. I’m just trying to do anything I can to help the team.”

On whether she goes out to try to prove people wrong:
“Yeah, that’s actually a pretty good assessment. I have a lot of goals and dreams that I want to accomplish in my span of playing. When someone tells me that I’m lacking something, I like to go out and prove them wrong.”

On her goals:
“To have a long run with the team. My goal is to become the best player in the world. I’m training every day, hoping for that chance. But, ultimately, the biggest thing is helping the team win and winning the Olympics or winning the World Cup.”

On U.S. WNT head coach Greg Ryan:
“Greg is a great coach. He likes to have fun but when it comes crunch time, he’s all business, he’s all serious. He’s been great with me; he’s given me a chance. I can’t say that any other coach would at the young age that I am. He’s helped me grow and I think he’s open to people displaying their own unique characteristics and personalities on the field. That’s really important.”

On U.S. WNT forward Abby Wambach:
“Abby is a great role model. She gets it done. She doesn’t worry about mistakes. She gets right up and works extra hard after that. She leaves everything on the field and I think that’s the biggest thing. She comes up with the big plays.”