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New and Updated Referee Material

Player Management CD ROM
U.S. Soccer is pleased to announce the availability of a CD presentation entitled Player Management.  The CD presentation was created by Esse Baharmast and Paul Tamberino and is narrated by Esse Baharmast. 

Baharmast is the U.S. Soccer Director of Professional and International Referee Development and a former member of the FIFA International Referee Panel who officiated in World Cup France in 1998. Baharmast was known for his player management abilities on the field of play as a referee and most recently served as the head of instruction for the FIFA World Youth Championship in Holland.  Tamberino was a member of the FIFA International Panel of Assistant Referees and four-time MLS Referee of the Year, selected for this honor by MLS players and coaches.

The CD deals with how to become a good player manager as a referee, what are the qualities that make up a good player manager and how can you improve this part of your game as a referee.

This is a great presentation for referees of all ages and experience levels which can be used for instruction in a group or for an individual referee’s personal library of educational material.  The CD includes video clips to enhance learning, as well as a great goals sequence at the end highlighting goals from our youngest players to our most seasoned veterans.

Offside Made Easy
A new publication, Offside Made Easy, is the second in a series that present the Laws of the Game in a simplified, enjoyable form for players, coaches, administrators and spectators. In 2003, the Federation published the first book, Laws of the Game Made Easy, which was well received and has been used as a teaching tool around the world.

Offside (Law 11) is one of the most often misunderstood elements of the game of soccer yet, properly presented, it can be among the easiest concepts to present.  Offside Made Easy seeks to do that through simple language, humorous graphics, and a logical arrangement of the subject:

  • Where Does It Come From? -- A brief summary of the history of the offside Law
  • What Does It Say? -- The specific language of Law 11
  • What Does It Mean? -- A discussion of offside position, involvement in active play, exceptions, and the required restart
  • What If? -- A series of 15 common scenarios involving offside which often cause comments, questions, and confusion

Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game
A newly updated edition of Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game is now available.  The first edition of the Advice was published in 1998 and it was updated in November 2003.  The material in the latest edition is consistent with The International Board decisions to date. 

The Advice to Referees provides USSF referees, referee instructors, referee assessors, coaches, players, and fans a reliable compilation of international and national guidelines on interpretations of the Laws of the Game.  It is not a replacement for the Laws of the Game, nor is it a "how to" book on refereeing.  It has been compiled from a number of sources of information: the Laws of the Game, the Questions and Answers to the Laws of the Game, annual FIFA Circulars, as well as other official publications from the USSF instructional program, including articles in Fair Play and specific subject memoranda.

The Advice provides insight into aspects of the Laws that are not always clear to the casual reader and gives referees a solid foundation for making the correct decision at the correct time.  It answers questions whose solutions are not always clear to even the most experienced referees. The Advice is also an ideal resource for coaches and players, to help them understand the decisions made by referees, assistant referees, and fourth officials.

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