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National Certification (Final Update Indicating Approvals)

CHICAGO (Thursday, January 8, 2004) - Referees approved for the 2004 National Referee Certification/Recertification and Professional League Referee Seminar - please check the lists for each camp.  If there is a date to the left of your name, your paperwork is complete and you may proceed with your travel arrangements.


CHICAGO (Thursday, November 6, 2003) - You will soon be receiving your 2004 camp applications. You will be invited to attend one of two camps: Grade 3 Certification which will be held January 22 – 25, or the Grade 4 Certification to be held January 29 – February 1.   All National Candidates will be invited to attend the Grade 4 Certification.  Both camps will be held at the Marriott Torrance in Torrance, Calif., with the physical fitness test being conducted at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.  A tour of the Home Depot Center, U.S. Soccer’s National Training Center will be conducted for all referees following the physical fitness test.

If you recall from my presentation at the 2003 camp, I stated that which camp you would be attending would be based on your game assignments. I wanted to offer further clarification in advance of your receiving the camp applications. Referees who worked MLS and WUSA will be invited to the Grade 3 Certification. Also referees who worked two (2) or more games as the referee in the A-League will be invited to Grade 3 Certification. Some referees who had one (1) A-League assignment as the referee, but worked several matches as the 4th official in MLS will also be included in the Grade 3 certification. All other returning National Referees and all National Candidates will be invited to attend the Grade 4 Certification. Two lists will be posted on the Referee Page at (see below) indicating which referees will be attending each camp. Please be advised that you will be expected to attend the camp to which you have been assigned and changes to the lists will not be entertained.

One important fact must be made clear at this time and that is that your grade level, 3 or 4 will not determine your assignment level for the next season. The invitations were based on your assignment level for last season. As you know, we have an academy program in place that is proving to be very effective in developing referees to move on to higher levels of competition. Added to that is the fact that some referees develop at a different pace than others. With that taken into consideration, each of you should know that game assignments handled by the staff of U.S. Soccer will be done without regard to whether a referee holds a Grade 3 or Grade 4 National Badge.

What will come into play in game assignments, will be the physical fitness standards that have been set for each of the leagues. If you wish to be considered for assignment in the MLS or the A-League, you must meet the following standards for the Cooper Test ; minimum 2700 meters in 12 minutes, 7.5 seconds in the 50 meter dash (twice) and 32 seconds in the 200 meter dash (twice). To qualify for assignment for any other pro game and to attain a national badge you must meet the following standards: minimum 2400 meters in 12 minutes, 9 seconds in the 50 meter dash (twice) and 35 seconds in the 200 meter dash (twice). Failure to meet the minimum physical fitness standards at national camp will require that you retake and pass the fitness test at a Regional Pro Clinic to be considered for any assignment through U.S. Soccer and to receive your national badge. You will also be required to reimburse U.S. Soccer for the expenses related to your travel to National Certification and to cover your expenses to retake the physical at a Regional Pro Clinic.

Much of the same instruction will take place at both camps and the same U.S. Soccer staff will be in attendance at both camps.

When you receive your camp applications, please make sure they are complete before sending them to your SRA for signature. Also, please check to make sure that the assessments you list meet the assessment requirements for national referee certification found in the Referee Administrative Handbook, which may be accessed on the Referee Page at Please also note that a national referee may not submit multiple assessments that were done on the same day, and different assessors must have done the assessments you list. Please take care in recording your game dates and the assessors’ names to ensure they are accurate and clearly written. This will assist the Referee Department staff with verification.

All national referees must have submitted a completed 2004 U.S. Soccer Referee Registration Form before being assigned in that calendar year. You cannot be registered by submitting a camp application form. Each referee, regardless of grade, must complete a 2004 registration form.

If you have any questions on this memo, please feel free to contact me either via email at or at (312) 528-1252.

Thank you for your anticipated attention to these issues. We look forward to seeing all of you again in January.