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Top Ten Ways To Get Americans Excited About Soccer (The Late Show with David Letterman)

Members of the U.S. World Cup team appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday night to present a "Top Ten" list titled "Top Ten Ways To Get Americans Excited About Soccer."

    10 - "Rename the sport 'Deathball 3000.'"
    9 - "From now on, you can't use your feet either."
    8 - "Constitutional amendment stating if U.S. wins World Cup, every American gets a brand new car."
    7 - "More players who look like Mia Hamm – fewer players who look like Davor Vugrinec."
    6 - "Instead of 'Gooooal!' have that announcer yell, 'Yahtzee!'"
    5 - "Printed on every red card, a collectible Star Wars photo."
    4 - "Drunken monkey goalies."
    3 - "Find a way to involve that hilarious San Diego Chicken."
    2 - "You mean millions of Americans aren't getting up in the middle of the night to watch us play?"
    1 - "Give Tiger Woods a soccer ball, America will never lose again"