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What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In 3’s” peeks inside the head of Steve Cherundolo as he picks one of three choices for 25 questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

Best city: LA, NYC or Chicago?
“Chicago. I'm a Cubs fan, and my family lives there.  I was born not too far from there, so you could say I was a Midwest boy, but I claim SoCal heritage.”

Best beach in San Diego: Pacific, Mission or Black's?
"For sure Black's.  It's got the best waves in San Diego, and used to be a nude beach.  Unfortunately, it's not so much anymore."

Most macho vehicle: sports car, SUV or big ol' truck?
“Big ol' truck.  You can compare it to a defender as opposed to a forward.  It's not flashy, it just gets the job done.”

Best date activity: movie, theater, or comedy club?
“Comedy club.  I have a hard time making a woman laugh, so you go to the show and they can do it for you.”

Best late night talk show: Tonight Show, Late Show or Daily Show?
“Letterman.  It's more that I like Leno less.  I like Jon Stewart, but I've never seen the show.”

Better late, late night talk show host: Conan, Kilborn or Carson (Daly)?
“Conan, for sure.  Everything about the guy is hilarious.  I love how he makes fun of himself.  He's a great comedian ... for me to poop on!” [Editor’s Note: If this were some kind of game show, Cherundolo would definitely get extra points for delivering the last part of that answer in the voice of Conan’s very popular Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.]

Best SportsCenter anchor: Chris Berman, Dan Patrick or Keith Olbermann?
“Stuart Scott is the best I think.”

Best band to hail from Germany: Scorpions, Kratfwerk or Rammstein?
"There's never been a good German band. Period."

Best punk band of all-time: Iggy Pop & the Stooges, the Ramones or the Sex Pistols?
"Sex Pistols.  They were the originators of punk rock."
[Music Snob / Editor’s Note: Actually, the Ramones are widely regarded as the first real punk band, while the Sex Pistols are known as the originators of the U.K. punk scene.]

Worst punk poseur band: Blink-182, Good Charlotte or Sum 41?
"I kinda like all of them, actually.  Avril Lavigne is the real poser."

Better old school rap group: N.W.A., Public Enemy or Beastie Boys?
Run DMC.  They were the originators for sure.  Must be before your time.”

Best future rock-n-roll Hall of Fame inductee: U2, REM or Radiohead?
“U2.  I listened to them a lot in college.  Between them and REM it's tough.”

Sports & Leisure:
Favorite San Diego Charger All-Star: Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow or Junior Seau?
"Junior Seau.  Not only does he play on defense, he's got a cool restaurant that I hang out at in San Diego."

Favorite San Diego Sockers star: Juli Veee, Brian Quinn or Kevin Crow?
"There were so many.  You forget Branko Segota, Waad Hirmez, Victor Nogueira, etceteras.  But I'll go with Brian Quinn.  He was always nice to me."

Best Lakers Team: Wilt's Lakers, Magic/Kareem's Lakers or Shaq/Kobe's Lakers?
"Magic/Kareem.  Unfortunately I didn't see Chamberlain play.  Magic and Kareem are the real deal."

Best sports magazine: Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine or Men's Digest?
“Sports Illustrated.  It sets the standard.”

Best men's magazine: Maxim, FHM or GQ?
“Maxim.  They came out before FHM.  They were the groundbreakers of the modern men's magazine.  And they show good skin.”

Cooler X-game: surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding?
“Surfing.  Did you even have to ask?”

Better video game system: Xbox, PS2 or GameCube?
“I like the original Nintendo.  Pole Position was great. Super Mario Brothers, of course.  To me, the all-time best game is Mario Cart on Nintendo 64.  And I'm better at it than Carlos Bocanegra."

Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese/Asian?
“Mexican.  My all-time favorite is the carne asada burrito at Rodrigo's in San Diego.”

Favorite taco filling: chicken, beef or fish?
"In San Diego, it's gotta be the fish tacos."

Best Mexican take-out in San Diego: El Indio, Rubio's Fish Tacos or Roybertos?
"There's probably 200 different take-outs all over the city.  I'm sticking with Rodrigo's."

Best burger-and-fry fast food found in California: Carl’s Jr., In-N-Out Burger or Jack in the Box?
In-N-Out.  That is hands down the best burger place.”

Best beverage snack: pretzels, peanuts or chips?
"Pretzels.  They make you drink more."


Table of Contents

1.   Armchair Midfielder: Ramblings, Rants & Random Thoughts
2.   In 3’s: MNT defender Steve Cherundolo
3.   Gear Galore: National Team Yearbooks are In
4.   Queries & Anecdotes: MNT Forward Jovan Kirovski
5.   Mark That Calendar: U-19 WNT CONCACAF Qualifying - 5/28-6/6
6.   Superstar!!!: U-17 Residency Graduates
7.   Fan Point/Counterpoint: U.S. WNT Forwards in Athens
8.   You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall): U-19 WNT Trivia


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