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FC Dallas Quote Sheet

Post-Match Quote Sheet
FC Dallas 3, Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2
2011-12 Development Academy U-17/18 Championship Final
July 22, 2012

FC Dallas head coach CHRIS HAYDEN
On winning the U-17/18 Development Academy championship:
“I think last year’s near championship really drove this team. I’m just so proud of the way they played. They worked hard all year, and they absolutely deserve it. My hat goes off to Vancouver. They have a lot of talent on their team. It was very difficult for us today, but we’ll take it.”

On the strategy of looking to play balls over the top or in behind the Vancouver back line:
“We felt like they would pressure some, and they are very good on the counter. Sometimes we keep the ball 'too much', if that makes sense, because we are confident we can play through the pressure. They’re such a good team on the counter when they win the ball in the center third of the field. They have such talented players and aggressiveness to get forward, and it showed on some of their chances that came off of our turnovers. We did want to bypass the midfield some, but not all the time. We played a lot of short passes but we did look for opportunities to get in behind. I think that helped us a lot.”

On what this means for FC Dallas to finally win the Development Academy championship:
“We’ve been in the finals four years in a row with different players. Some of these kids, it’s the third or fourth time. We’ve had very good teams that have come here, but just having a good team doesn’t equate into having a championship team. The kids have worked so hard all year long. This group is a special group. For them to come from behind against that quality of opponent speaks volumes about the character of this team.”

FC Dallas striker and Man of the Match JOSE DE LA TEJERA
On winning the U-17/18 Development Academy championship:
“I’m so happy that we have won the championship. This is the reward for all the hard work this year. This team is a family. All that’s left to do is celebrate and enjoy.”

FC Dallas defender MICHAEL AMBROSE
On what’s going through your mind at the final whistle:
“It’s three years of hard work. We’re all a family, so it means so much to us. We all love each other so much. It means the world to us. It’s amazing.”

On rebounding after losing in the championship match last year:
“All year we worked so hard every day just to get back here. Last year we just fell one goal short and we needed to get back here. We worked hard so we deserved it.”

On when the turning point was in the championship match:
“In the second half when we had the possession in their half most of the time, we had a lot of chances. I felt that we were going to get a goal and the win.”

FC Dallas forward DANIEL GARCIA
On what’s going through your mind at the final whistle:
“So many thoughts. We finally did it after four years of practice, waking up early going to school. It was all for something and that was the championship.”

If losing in the final last year makes this win more special:
“It makes it a lot more special. We dedicated our season to our teammate Jose Perez who passed away and that gave us more motivation to come out here and win this game.”