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Jurgen Klinsmann

Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT vs. Scotland

U.S. Men’s National Team head coach JURGEN KLINSMANN
On the team’s performance:
“I think we set the tone and the team kept their rhythm throughout the entire game. We kept the tempo going, the energy was high. We saw wonderful goals. For a coach, that’s obviously fun to watch, no doubt about it.”

On the combination of Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones and Maurice Edu in the midfield:
“We worked on that over the last 10 days in training to see how we could get the best out of these guys who are really exceptional players in their club teams but they play very similar positions. We came up with that in that little scrimmage we had the other day. It gives us options playing Landon wide or to give him more freedom, actually, to go all over the field, as well as our left position player, which was Jose [Torres] tonight. If works if everybody understands his role, and I think Maurice had more of the job of a No. 6 in front of the two center backs to clean things up and to make sure that nothing goes through there. Jermaine and Michael both have the qualities to go forward. They’re dangerous going in the box and they love to do that. In the past, that was sometimes a bit tricky because when they only play together and there was no Maurice, they left some holes behind. Now there was Maurice today. He kept things in order and gave a little bit more freedom to those two and I think it worked out really well.”

On whether tonight was a demonstration of the style he wants the team to play:
“I think tonight you saw many elements of what we’re always talking about, what we’re trying step by step to develop. It’s a fast-paced game, it has tempo in it. It has one-two touch combinations through our midfielders as fast as possible finding the forwards up there, having pace, build up from the back, no long balls. All those elements I think we saw a lot today. It’s obviously a little more difficult to play that way against Brazil or an Italy, but I think the players understand more and more what we’re trying to achieve. We train the same way we want to play. When you train that way, which we did over the last 10 days with high-intensity training sessions and a lot of pace in there, then it maybe comes across a little bit easier in a game. Today it was really fun to watch some of the elements come out that we’ve been working on.”

On Terrence Boyd getting his first start:
“Terrence is one of our promising talents that we’re trying to develop. He’s one of these guys that should be in London 2012 but unfortunately is not. It makes it more difficult for the Brek Shea’s and [Juan] Agudelo’s and Joe Corona’s of the world, so we have to kind of bring them along and help them wherever we can and give them their space to show what they can do. I think Terrence’s work rate was outstanding and his hunger for finishing off chances is tremendous. It’s something that we really love to see and that’s why we keep working with him and giving him those opportunities. The same with Joe Corona now coming into the picture; he looks very comfortable. His first couple touches were good, so we have to help these young guys and it’s going to be a bit more difficult once the real games come along where we really, truly have to look at the points and the results. It’s really nice to see what Terrence has achieved within the last couple of months.”

On the play of Jermaine Jones:
“Jermaine is a Champions League player. If you want to play there, then you have to be good. And he is good. Now, his temper is always something to discuss and we even make jokes about that in the locker room, but if he gets that under control then we have a very, very good player there. He has high energy and the opponents have a lot of respect for that guy. If you see what happened over the last season with a lot of players, they just made the next step in their careers, like a Michael Bradley or Jermaine or Fabian Johnson, and now we have a left back of the highest quality. Fabian has been the best left back in Germany over the last three months. The quality is coming, and now we have Landon back and he gives us the goals, so we can’t complain tonight.”

On being back with the National Team and having such a great start:
“It was nice to be back. It was great to have such a reception here in Jacksonville. It’s a city a lot of us haven’t been to but the crowd was great, the energy was great and we’re glad we could put on a good performance. It’s just one game. We understand that. But it’s an important step forward toward our ultimate goal which is qualifying for Brazil 2014.”

On being motivated coming into the National Team again:
“I don’t want to be mistaken for not caring. I care. I like being a part of this team. I’m a professional and I know how to do my job. I’ve been doing this a long time. Tonight was one of those nights where most things went right. While the goals fell to me, don’t forget that a lot of people did a lot of good things to make that happen. My job has always been to be a creative attacking player and make chances. Sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t, but tonight was one of those nights where things went the right way.”

On the energy felt from the crowd:
“They were fantastic. I don’t know what the future holds but I’d be surprised if we didn’t come back here at some point given the reception today. It was a really fun night to be a part of.”

On how the midfield setup affects the space he has to move:
“It was a big part of the game. In the past, when those three have played together, it’s been tricky trying to figure out how they’re going to play because they do tend to play very similar. But I think a few of us, the coaches and the players, mentioned to Jermaine and Michael that it’s OK to take chances and go forward. I think we forget how good those two can be when they do go forward. Sometimes they like to be a little more comfortable and stay a little deeper but tonight they really went out on a limb a little bit and took some chances and it came off great. I thought they were both fantastic and Mo (Maurice Edu) did a great job of cleaning everything up.”

On Scotland’s play:
“There were about 20 minutes where they dictated the play in the first half and then they got tired and just couldn’t keep up with the pace. I thought we did very well with pushing the pace and we counter attacked them very well tonight and we hit them very well.”

On how the team was able to play with so much energy:
“I think we started quite well. Getting an early goal always helps and we finished our chances tonight. We had a scrimmage mid-week and we didn’t do so well finishing our chances, but tonight we got in good spots, had good opportunities and we finished our chances. Defensively, we moved as a unit. Offensively, I thought we moved quite well. There was a lot of interchanging and movement. Credit to the team tonight; it was a very good effort by everybody.”

On playing against Scotland, where he plays:
“It was nice. We get to go back to Scotland with a little bit of bragging rights. We’re preparing for some World Cup qualifiers, they have a one-game, end-of-season friendly, so maybe it’s a little bit different mentality for them. But we went out there and we did what we wanted to do. We started on the right foot, got early goals and then we saw it through.”

On Landon Donovan’s return to the National Team:
“He did very well tonight. He had some good finishes and when he got on the ball he made people miss and brought other people into the game. It was a good game for him.”

On whether he was nervous when he saw his name in the starting lineup:
“I was just happy. I was happy to have the chance to play from the beginning. You’re always nervous for a big game but it really turned out very well. We won 5-1, so there’s nothing more I could wish for. OK, well, I could have scored but it was a good match and I’m very happy.”

On how he felt he played in only his second cap with the U.S. National Team:
“I think I had a good performance. I could have been cleverer in some situations where I could have shot. But it’s OK, it’s experience. You learn from it and the next game you’ll be a bit cleverer and then score more goals.”

On the crowd:
“It was the biggest crowd I’ve played in front of until now. It was huge. It was a really nice to see more than 40,000 fans. It’s just awesome.”

On his thoughts about playing with Landon Donovan:
“He is extraordinary and we saw it today. He had a hat trick and he was just a beast. It was cool to play with him.”

On looking comfortable in his second start with the U.S. National Team at left back:
“I play the position with my club team most of the time so it was kind of easy to get into because I’m always playing this position, so I think I did quite good.”

On what head coach Jurgen Klinsmann asked him to do at left back:
“He told me I have to play like a winger and go forward, as well as defend. That’s what I did.”

On whether the team played the way Jurgen Klinsmann wants:
“I think in parts. I think we played well. We came out, we wanted to impose ourselves on them and try, with how we played, to put them on their back foot. For the first game of the summer there were a lot of good things, a lot of things to improve on. We’re definitely happy to get a good result.”

On his goal:
“The guy who makes it, for me, is Jermaine [Jones]. Sometimes the ball goes into guys, they’re trying to turn or make a play that maybe is too hard from there and he did well to see that I was moving off of him and laid a perfect ball back and I caught it well. It was nice to get a goal.”

On how things work with him, Maurice Edu and Jermaine Jones in the midfield:
“Between the three of us, we’ve played a lot of games together so there’s a good understanding. I think, then, when you throw in Landon, Jose, the cooperation with the defenders, there were good signs.”