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Quote Sheet: USA 4 - CRC 0

On his feeling after today’s game:
Of course we’re happy to be going to the World Cup. I’m not that happy with the match today, but I am happy that we qualified for the World Cup. It’s very important to win games, but I also want to play to our standard. I have to give credit to Costa Rica, they created a lot of problems for us in the midfield.

On winning despite not playing their best game:
As a coach, whenever your team wins when they don’t play their best, that’s important. I don’t think we played our best today. We will need to be better in the next match against (Canada), because that team is very good.

On whether his team is a favorite to win the World Cup:
To win the World Cup, which is a long way away, is a goal. But first we want to win CONCACAF on Saturday.

On the best qualities of the U.S. team:
I think the best qualities of our team are the best qualities of U.S. women’s football. That is, they play every game to win, they attack. They have the mentality that when things aren’t going well, they’ll fight to get the result. They take a lot of pride in their fitness and their ability to win games.

Midfielder and Captain KEELIN WINTERS
On qualifying for the World Cup:
We’ve be working so hard for about six months now, and to finally know that we’re going to be going to Chile is a pretty amazing feeling. Now we want to go in and try to win our region over (Canada), so we’re focusing now on that game, but there’s no better feeling than qualifying.

On scoring a goal on her second touch of the tournament:
It was pretty exhilarating, especially to feel like I had the support of all of my teammates. That’s really what got me ready to go.

On qualifying for Chile:
It’s making us all very anxious. It’s exciting. We’ve all been looking forward to this day of this tournament for a really long time and all the training we’ve been doing for the past few months just feels completely worth it now.

On Saturday’s Final against Canada:
If we come out and play USA soccer, I think the game will take care of itself.

On qualifying for the World Cup in Chile:
It feels amazing. I’m so glad we’re in. This was our ultimate goal and it’s really exciting to have gotten to this point.

On qualifying for the World Cup:
It feels great to have qualified. It was our biggest goal coming into the tournament and we still have a lot of work to do, but it feels good.

On today’s game:
I don’t think we played our best game, but that happens. The more important thing is that we still got a result today.

On Saturday’s final against Canada:
We’re excited for that game. Everyone here wants to win the CONCACAF Championship along with qualifying for the World Cup. We want to win the tournament and I know both teams will come out hard on Saturday to try to win.