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Farewell to Mia, Julie & Joy

The hits keep on coming with our "Can You Haiku?" piece, with another great group of entries for our special September/October double issue. For this month's issue, we're asked for poetry about the retirement of Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and Joy Fawcett, who will be making their last appearance in a USA jersey on Dec. 8 at The Home Depot Center.  Whether it was an ode to one specific player or all three, you all raised the bar with this batch, so much so that it was near impossible to pare down the entries to a baker’s dozen. Here are the best of the best entries:

Three ladies with class
Pioneers once, now legends
Cleats of gold rest now.
--Pete Mullen / 42 / Peru, N.Y.

Mia! the girls screamed.
Then she took her final bow.
The stands are silent.
--Bill Reamy / 59 / Towson, Md.

Joy sticks hard on "D"
Jules distributes through middle
Mia rips cord...goal.
--Dave Johnson / 35 / Fairport, N.Y.

Three heroes leaving
Never to be forgotten
Mia, Jules, and Joy.
--Tiffany Board / 18 / Parkersburg, WVa

Striking fear in all
Endless running to and fro
Mia's gift: a show.
--Alex Bernstein

We'll miss them it's true
but the dream will continue
Our future is bright.
-- Jenny (14), Sara (10), and Michelle (the mom) Green / Fort Wayne, Ind.

The complete player
The general on the field
Leader in the back.
-- Kelly Cassady / 12 / Tulsa, Okla.

Double number 1
The way we'll always think of
Our smartest player.
--John DiFazio (54) and daughter Alina (12) / Alexandria, Va.

The last game is near
For Foudy, Fawcett and Hamm
But their dreams live on.
--Kurmalee Beavers / 49 / Aiken, S.C.

Role model for life
Mia, paver of the way
Always will be best.
--Rebekah Carter / 23 / Pittsburgh, Pa.

Nine, eleven, fourteen
There since I can remember
And now it's farewell.
--Kirsten Rasmussen / Gaston,Ore.

To finish on top,
Olympic gold in their hands,
The sunset is theirs.
--Simon Provan / 27 / Austin, Texas

We’ll miss you, Mia
Rowdy Foudy and Joy too
Gold, Red, White and Blue
--Rachel C. Perlman / 40 / Lincolnshire, Ill.