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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT 2, Denmark 0

U.S. Women’s National Team Quote Sheet

U.S. Head Coach Pia Sundhage

On the match:

“Even though it was raining the field was pretty good. So we tried to play through the midfield and at times we managed to do that, especially after the first 20-25 minutes. Then every single player in the midfield got involved in every attack and I was very pleased with that.”

On Shannon Boxx playing in the middle of the back line for the first time:
“She’s playing center back with Christie Rampone and (outside backs) Lori (Chalupny) and Heather (Mitts) and I think that is a good set up. I am happy to see that Boxx can do the job at the international level.”

On two young players scoring in the 2-0 victory:
“It’s a special feeling to score a goal and for (Angie) Woznuk and (Tina) DiMartino, who are fairly new to the team, it shows that on this team anyone can score and that’s a good quality. Everyone is happy when anyone scores a goal, but especially the new players.”

On the overall team performance:
“Because of the start of the WPS, the players seem to be fit. It’s a perfect pre-season for them going into the league. What we saw here was pretty good quality and this will be a great tournament for all of us.”

On the steadiness in the center of the defense:
“Hope Solo made some great saves. I am happy with her combination in the middle with Rampone and Boxx because it feels comfortable when teams are running at us because they are smart and experienced.”

On halftime substitute Lindsay Tarpley’s performance:
“If you look at the second half, the way Tarpley played, she changed the game a little bit because she kept the ball and her movement off the ball in the area in front of the back line was very good. That brings out the best of all the players in the midfield.”

On working in the USA’s four forwards – Natasha Kai, Lindsay Tarpley, Amy Rodriguez and Tina DiMartino:
“We have four players up top in this tournament. Tash, Tarp, A-Rod and Tina and it will be fun to play around with those combinations to see what works the best.”

On the Denmark team:
“I like the way they are playing. They are keeping it on the ground and trying to knock it around a little bit and using the width. I think (Danish midfielder Cathrine Sorensen) is one of the best players in the world and that fact that she didn’t score a goal, gives credit to our defending. I think the way they are playing is interesting and if they switch the attack a little bit more they will be even more dangerous.”

U.S. Captain Christie Rampone

On the match:

“The team did really well for having a few new faces on the field and a few people in new positions. But we made an effort towards trying to advance what Pia has talking about for 2011, and that’s being a more attacking team, interchanging positions and getting lots of movement. We tried that despite the conditions, but we put a full effort in and now it’s just building from this point.“

U.S. Goalkeeper Hope Solo

On Denmark:
“I’ve respected Denmark for a long time. We played them in the final at this tournament last year. They are really good at finding that diagonal ball to the oncoming runner. They had two or three breakaways and several shots on goal. They are a good team.”

On handling the ball in the rain and wind:
“It wasn’t too difficult today, surprisingly. (Some crosses) were hard to read because of the wind, but in terms of the rain, the ball felt fine. The gloves were good and sticky.”

On making several huge saves to keep Denmark off the board:
“I guess that’s the goalkeeper’s job, right? But our team kept the shots very easy. They gave them bad angles to shoot and were marking on corners. They made my job easy.”

U.S. Midfielder Angie Woznuk

On the match:
“I thought considering the conditions everyone played really well. We are trying to possess the ball which was really hard with the rain, but I thought came through with a good win and it’s a good game to build on.”

On the style of play early on:
“It was a little rough in the beginning. We were trying to play each other but it was tough to possess the ball and we were turning it over. As the game went on, we started to get a rhythm and possess more.”

U.S. Midfielder Tina DiMartino

On her first goal for the U.S. Women’s National Team:
“Tash headed the ball down and I was in front of the goalie and I kicked it and it hit the girl in between her legs, but there was mud so I slipped down and my head hit the mud. Then I saw Tash cheering so I thought she must have scored, awesome! Then someone said, ‘Tina you scored!” Oh, I scored? It was just really funny because I didn’t see it when I slipped. I knew I kicked it but I thought it was deflected. So that’s my first goal on the Women’s National Team.”

On the match:
“I thought we played well. In the first half it was kind of hard finding the space. I think Tash and I played well together and I think in the second half Tarp coming in, she did really well find that space for us. I think we played some great soccer, moved the ball and had some great opportunities. For our first game, we played really well.”