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w/ U.S. National Teams staff and players

The U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams couldn't compete and have a chance to succeed like they do without the extraordinary help of U.S. Soccer's national teams staff. For this special holiday section, we've asked a representative of each of U.S. Soccer's national teams (along with a player from that team) what they want for this holiday season.

Men's National Team
Pam Perkins, General Manager: "Dinner with (WWF wrestlers) Goldberg and/or Triple H."
DaMarcus Beasley, Midfielder: "A portable DVD player, a little handheld one."

Women's National Team
Nils Krumins, General Manager: "To find a Latvian rock band somewhere in the world."
Julie Foudy, Midfielder / Captain: "Two less front teeth, but (U.S WNT teammate) Cindy Parlow already took care of that (with an elbow in the June 17 match between Foudy's San Diego Spirit and the Atlanta Beat). My dentist and my overbite thank you."

Under-23 MNT
Erik Liekoski, Team Coordinator: "A Philips CD burner."
Nelson Akwari, Defender: "World peace."

Under-21 WNT
Aaron Heifetz, Press Officer: "A knee scope and washboard abs."
Ally Marquand, Defender: "A healthy knee and a silver Toyota 4-Runner."

Under-20 MNT
Erik Carlson, Team Coordinator (who just moved to Chicago): "A canoe and an apartment to live in by Christmas."
C.J. "Santa" Klaas, Defender: "A professional soccer contract."

Under-19 WNT
Heather Walles, Team Coordinator: "The new ‘Jenga Truth or Dare' or an orange Vespa scooter with matching helmet."
Keeley Dowling, Defender: "My own personal gourmet chef to cook all of my meals and an Under-19 World Championship."

Under-17 MNT
Jeff McRaney, Team Coordinator: "To win the next U-17 World Championship (in 2003)."
Brandon Owens, captain of the U-17 MNT (who turns 16 in January): "All I want is a Lamborghini."

Under-16 BNT/GNT
Aaron Barrett, Team Coordinator and MNT Equipment Manager: "Never to do laundry ever again."

National Futsal Team
Steve Torres, Press Officer: "A night out with the Dixie Chicks."
Brian Loftin, Forward: "Hardwood floors in my house."


Table of Contents
1) Armchair Midfielder (Dissecting the 2002 World Cup Final Draw)
2) All I Want for Christmas... (w/ U.S. National Teams staff and players)
3) At the Movies (w/ U-21 WNT midfielder Aly Wagner)
4) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ MNT midfielder Chris Armas)
5) Making it to the Show (w/ U-17 MNT forward Ed Johnson)
6) Superstar!!! (w/ WNT forward Cindy Parlow)
7) Mark That Calendar (MNT vs. South Korea -- Dec. 9)
8) Point-Counterpoint (w/ coaches Bruce Arena and Bob Gansler)
9) From the Bleachers (w/ U.S. Soccer fan Dave Brett Wasser)
10) "You Don't Know Jack (Marshall)" (College Soccer Trivia)

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