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Six Yard Box w/ Johann Smith

Just five minutes of your time. Well…OK, maybe six. People are always asking for a few minutes of your time, and here at we’re no different. But the good thing is we can promise those six minutes will be well worth your time. In Center Circle’s new podcast feature called the “Six-Yard Box”, we’re tracking down all your favorite full and youth national team players across the globe and peppering as many questions as we can at them in a six-minute time limit. It’s a quick, entertaining and informative chat to keep you abreast of what the top U.S. soccer players are up to on – and off – the field. Oh, and if it goes over six minutes…well, that’s just some good ‘ole extra time.

Next up is Johann Smith and the Bolton forward talks to us about his fright of flying, whether he can beat his dear old dad in a sprint and what it was like playing against Manchester United for his first EPL appearance.