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U-20 MNT vs. Chile: Post-game Quote Sheet

Thomas Rongen:
On the result against Chile, and how the team will use the game to move forward:
I think it’s important for us to play teams like this that pose different problems. One of the problems in the second half for us was to maintain our composure. Sometimes we did a good job and sometimes we didn’t, and that got us away from our game a little bit. The result was important obviously against a good team that tied Brazil and Argentina during qualifying. I was happy with the outcome but we know that we can improve in certain ways. Possessing the ball and moving the ball a little bit quicker is obviously important.

On how the team performed:
We didn’t give up a lot of chances in the run of play, which is very positive and as a unit we did a good job in not allowing them any great opportunities outside of a questionable penalty kick. There were a lot of positives and some negatives, and we can look forward now to playing New Zealand in a scrimmage and then playing some games in Montreal.

On whether the starting 11 tonight will resemble the lineup in the World Cup:
Michael Bradley is a guy who will find his way into the starting 11, and we have some good competition in a lot of positions, and at the end of the day there will probably be one or two changes to this team that will occur between now and the first game of the World Cup and practices will determine that.

On how well Freddy Adu and Josmer Altidore play together:
The first goal obviously is a great example of Freddy and Jozy working together and finding the lone striker. It’s not an easy position for Jozy, especially today under adverse conditions. They played him very physically and he had to play through it.

On how confident he is that this team will advance through the group stage:
I think we’re confident that we can reach our first goal, which is advancing out of group play. Talent doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. There have been a lot of talented teams that didn’t even get out of the first round, so a collection of talented individuals doesn’t always make a good team. We can understand what we need to do as a team and the areas we need to do well. I think we’ll deal well with the pressures of the world Cup because of our previous experience.

Danny Szetela:
On how he felt during the game:
It felt good to be out there for a full 90 minutes. I’ve been working really hard. It felt good out there and the team looked good today too. It feels like we’re ready for the tournament.

On how talented this team is:
If you look at our team we’ve got a lot of guys who can really play. We know there are players that can get their job done even beyond our starting 11, and you could see that today. Some of us have experience in the last Under-20 World Cup and on the professional level. That experience will really help us moving forward.

On what the World Cup means to him individually:
In my MLS career I have been hurt a lot and hopefully I can play well and catch the attention of a team in Europe. I’m finally 100 percent and ready to go.