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EA Sports Virtual World Cup: Day 9 - Final

Match: 61
Teams: Paraguay vs. South Korea (Semifinals)
Location: Westfalonstadion; Dortmund
Date: July 4, 2006

Players: Edgar Barajas (Paraguay) vs. Brandon Lee (South Korea)



Final Score: KOR 3 - PAR 2 

Brandon Lee's Take (South Korea):
  Korea came out and played beautiful soccer, especially in the final third. Amazingly, we scored all three goals on headers from crosses into the box. We got the first strike in the 39th minute when Ahn got free from his defender and headed home a cross at the back post. Ahn was left wide open on the goal, which happened quite a bit as Paraguay’s defense looked pretty shoddy. Park got the next goal when the ball was quickly knocked up the left flank and served to the near post. He was also just wide open and it was an easy finish. The last goal for Korea was once again off the head of Park, this time the ball coming in from the right side and he headed it straight up the middle of the goal, with the ball basically going straight through the ‘keepers hand. Up 3-0, I was certain this game was over, but then my defense started to crack. Santa Cruz buried the first goal when he got behind my backline. Then five minutes from the end of the match, Valdez unleashed a shot from the top of the box after my defense failed to clear it out of the area. Only up 3-2, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but luckily time ran out and I made it to the final.

Match: 62
Teams: Spain vs. Netherlands (Semifinals)
Location: FIFA World Cup Stadium Munich; Munich
Date: July 5, 2006

Players: Temi Molinar (Netherlands) vs. Dan Kelly (Spain)



Final Score: NED 4 - ESP 1

Temi Molinar's Take (Netherlands): 
  In the beginning of the game, Holland didn’t play very well and allowed Spain through on several occasions. Fortunately, for them the Spainards couldn’t finish their opportunities. They went down 1-0 after a goal from Spain. Holland was able to come back with a header late in the first half by Van Nistelroy to pull even. So how did such a close match turn into an easy three-goal victory for the Netherlands? Well, that tends to happen when one team is reduced to eight players. That’s right, Spain earned an astonishing total of three red cards in the match, due to Spain committing a number of rash tackles in the last line of defense. Having the extra man (or men) on the field allowed me to pull away and put myself in the final. The three goals came from Cocu, Robben and VN got one more.

Match: 63
Teams: Paraguay vs. Spain (Third Place)
Location: Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion; Stuttgart
Date: July 8, 2006

Players: Edgar Barajas (Paraguay) vs. Dan Kelly (Spain)




Final Score: PAR 4 - ESP 2

Edgar Barajas' Take (Paraguay):
  Third place baby! No one expected Paraguay to be in the final four and I doubt anyone really figured they’d be able to snag third place, especially when we went behind 2-0 to Spain by the first half. But, I came out of the half and scored two quick goals when Paredes scored before the 50th minute. The match went on and no one was able to find the game-winner. In overtime, we found the back twice more as Valdez scored on a header and Dos Santos curled in a shot from about 25 yards.

Match: 64
Teams: Netherlands vs. South Korea (Final)
Location: Olympiastadion; Berlin
Date: July 9, 2006

Players: Temi Molinar (Netherlands) vs. Brandon Lee (South Korea)



Final Score: NED 1 - KOR 0

Temi Molinar's Take (Netherlands): 
  Holland is the best team in the world…the champion! It’s been a long wait to finally hoist the trophy, but it is well deserved for this team. It was an interesting final as we had to defeat a Korea team that hadn’t lost a single game throughout the tournament, while we lost our opening match. In the beginning of the match, I knew it was going to be a battle and that either team would have a chance to win. The chances went back and forth, but no one could really seem to get through for the final touch onto goal. At the end of the first half we were scoreless. The second half saw a number of good chances for Holland, but it seemed they were just missing each time. Korea threatened as well, but Van der Sar was pretty much in control at all times. Regulation finally ended and it was still tied at 0-0. We moved into overtime and in the first half, Korea was reduced to 10 men when a defender received his second yellow. Despite being down a man, J.S. Park hit the post, and my dream of winning was saved. In the second half of overtime, I was finally able to pull out victorious when Van Nistelrooy beat his defender inside the penalty area and slotted his shot past the Korean ‘keeper. In the end, both teams played a great game and both teams are winners.