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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. Under-20 Men 2, Korea Republic 0

United States vs. Korea Republic
Post Match Quote Sheet
Dec. 5, 2003

Head Coach Thomas Rongen

On the match:
"We knew the importance of this match. This group was very evenly matched and I think the results showed that. We played to win tonight. We wanted to win the group, which is something you always seek. I can't be prouder the way our group handled the loss against Germany. We couldn't have come out any better against Korea, jumping on them and getting two goals."

On comparing this game to the loss against Germany:
"I think what we did better tonight is that we tried to attack. We were too calculated against Germany and maybe a bit too cautious. I really felt with a more aggressive game plan from an attacking standpoint against Korea that it could make the difference. And I think it showed at the outset against Korea."

On Germany finishing last in the group:
"The fact that the Germans are going home is a big surprise. We knew this group would be very difficult, but we're looking forward to the second round."

On Ivory Coast, their opponent in the Round of 16:
"Well, we know African teams have shown very well in this tournament. They are very athletic, strong and have very talented and gifted players who can score goals. We will make our game plan and hopefully be successful against a very talented side."

On the team's play:
"I think we deserved the win today. We played to win and played some good football in the first 35 minutes. Some of our individual talent created some problems for Korea. We are happy to be in first place and we're looking forward to the Round of 16."

Midfielder Ned Grabavoy

On the win:
"When we came into this tournament our goal was to advance to the next round. We have a lot of winners on this team, guys who want to compete. Getting this win tonight gives us a lot of confidence going into the Round of 16."

On playing Ivory Coast:
"It is going to be different, but the three teams we played in our group were all very different styles of teams. I'm sure we'll take a day to regroup and then we'll start looking at Ivory Coast."

Midfielder and Captain Bobby Convey

On how the tournament has gone so far:
"I think the tournament has gone great. I think the team has come in with a great mentality. We play well together, finished our chances and won our group."

On meeting Ivory Coast in the Round of 16:
"I think that's the Under-20 World Youth Championship right there. You never know who you are going to play and you have to prepare with any team. It's great to play a team from every continent and get used to everybody. We have to come out with a different mentality against an African team, so we have to be ready for that and play the game."

Forward Ed Johnson

On winning Group F:
"It means a lot. It says a lot about our group to bounce back against from our loss to Germany. It feels really great because I never won a match at the Under-17 World Championship. My motivation was to come here and score goals to help the team."

On the second penalty shot:
"I was actually waiting for him to move. I froze a bit and then he moved, so I went the same way."

On playing Ivory Coast:
"All I know is they are a good team to make it that far. As a team we have a lot of confidence and are very excited because right now it is any one's tournament. If you get to the second round it's anyone's game."