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Memories of Mooch: Oct. 9

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Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

MNT Asst. Glenn Myernick Passes Away

Glenn "Mooch" Myernick


“He was an unbelievable husband and father, and the finest soccer person I've ever come across in the United States. He was an amazing resource for soccer in this country. He will be sorely missed."

- Former U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena

October 9, 2006

I am at a loss for words. The loss is devastating personally and professionally with our relationship going all the way back to Hartwick in 1969. Every time I think of future U.S. National Teams, Mooch will be in my thoughts.
After hearing of Glenn’s heart attack, I spent time Sunday night with my family here in Portugal. We were going over my scrapbook, looking at photographs of Mooch and me, and the personal note that he had written after he had watched Portugal-Brazil on a scouting mission for Korea 2002. I was looking at some photos of us together at our alma mater, Hartwick College, during our Hall of Fame inductions. All I could do was hope and pray that those would not be the last pictures we would have taken together.

I traded him away once from Dallas to Portland and brought him back from Portland to the Tampa Bay Rowdies, so there is a lot of history together. We were supposed to meet in Germany during the World Cup, but missed each other by a couple minutes.
--USL President Francisco Marcos

Marcos and Myernick’s relationship began at Hartwick College where the two had both played at different times, but did a lot of recruiting together. That is also where Myernick met his wife Nancy, who is also a good friend of Marcos. The relationship continued in the NASL where Myernick twice played for clubs at which Marcos served as an executive.


I met Mooch last year when he came and spoke for my fiancé’s soccer club (MYSC) in Madison, Wisc. He came out that night with us and had a couple drinks, and he was just so nice to everyone he spoke to. My fiancé, Ryan, managed Big Toe Soccer at the time, and the club gave Mooch a gift certificate to the store for coming to Madison. That night I asked Mooch what he bought, and he told me he bought an outfit for his wife. I told him that I thought that was so sweet for him to do that, and out of all the things he could have bought, he bought something for his wife Nancy. He told me that he couldn't wait to get home to give her the new outfit.

My prayers and thoughts are with his family, and friends at this hard time.

Kate Jansen


Dear Myernick Family;

Please accept my most sincere condolences and prayers as I will miss Mooch as a mentor and a soccer friend. This is an immense lose to soccer in general, he will always be remembered with that great smile that was so characteristic of him. His teachings and passion for the game were a true inspiration to all of us involved in the game.

Most sincerely,

Alberto Rojas Jr.
Director of Coaching
Firebirds SC
Salt Lake City, UT


My sincere condolences to Glenn's Family and the U.S. Soccer family on his passing. After Doug Hamilton's earlier passing and now Coach M, I would remind everyone in the soccer community to get their six-month check-up.

James Welch
Aka Big Dog
Supporter of U.S. Soccer and the beautiful game



I met you very briefly last summer during preparations for the US-Costa Rica qualifier here in Salt Lake when you were dropping off Curt Onalfo so that we could catch up on our friendship. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and spirit. You clearly led life to the fullest and pushed the sport of soccer to great heights as a result. We will certainly miss your passion and energy. I will personally remember that every day is a joy and that was entirely evident in you. God Bless you and your family.

Chris Keeney
Real Salt Lake


To a wonderful Coach Glenn -

You have taught me trust loyalty & passion. Thank you for the love of soccer that you have given to so many "hearts." We will miss a great teacher that you were. Rest in peace & God bless the family.

Yours Truly,

Jean Paul Verhees


I remember getting out of school to go see the team at their autograph signing over in Germany before the Poland game. It was finally our turn, and they wanted to pull Mooch away to do an interview or something, but he had heard that my mom was from New Jersey, so he stayed to talk to us and sign autographs before he left. He is one of the few names that my mom knows from U.S. Soccer. He just seemed liked a really nice, fun guy and I was happy he stayed to talk to us.


Just wanted to say thanks to one of U.S. Soccer’s giants.

We’ll all miss you, Mooch.

Lee Doctoroff


I met Mooch twice, once in Guadalajara, Jalisco where he was head coach for the U-23 men's side for the Olympics qualifier. He was very nice, always smiling and joking, he even said a few words in Spanish, it was great. The other time was when the U.S. Men’s National Team came to Mexico City to play the Mexican team for the 2006 WC Qualifiers. I know he did a whole lot for U.S. Soccer and I just want to say that I am proud to have crossed at least a few words with such an incredible man. He will be missed dearly.

Thanks Mooch for everything,


Orietta Martinez
Mexico City


I am terribly saddened by the passing of Mooch. I had met Glenn at the Mohegian Sun clinics in CT a couple of times. He was a wonderful clinician. You felt his passion come out in his work. At one clinic, he helped his college buddy Jeff Tipping out (or vice versa) and Mooch had us all in stitches. He told us how Jeff earned AA status by basically making Mooch run ragged all over the defensive third of the field marking men! My favorite part of the clinics in CT was when he gave us updates on how the MNT was preparing / faring in the World Cup qualifying. To me, that little 55-minute talk made the whole trip worthwhile.

Brad Smith
Newfield High School
Selden, NY

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