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w/ WNT Defender Cat Reddick

If you were to guess which five CDs U.S. defender Cat Reddick would bring to a desert island, you’d probably guess the Birmingham, Alabama, product would have at least one country album in there? Nope. Didn’t make the cut. Instead, the USA’s young star goes for some hip-hop, some hard rock and some inspirational tunes. While Reddick is sure she would win a Grammy in the “singing alone in her car” category, if she didn’t have wheels on the island, and only had her CD player, these are the five she would bring. (She also asked if she could bring her fiancé Robert and soccer ball. That will be up to the Center Circle Editor).

Shane Bernard, "Psalms" (Rare Indie, 2001) 
“It’s basically Shane taking songs from the Book of Psalms and singing them. It’s not gospel, it’s just one guy with a guitar singing. It’s really mellow and just blocks out the distractions. It’s kind of like the Bible in song. It helps me focus on my spirituality and makes me feel happy.”

Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway" (RCA, 2004)
“This album is my version of fun. I listen to it and it brings out the kid in me. It’s just good pop music and she makes me smile. It’s so upbeat. You know that you are going to get bored on a desert island so you need something to pump you up, bring some excitement to your day. Kelly gives me that. She’s also great in concert. I saw her in Atlantic City.”

Evanescense, "Fallen" (BMG Music, 2003)
“This album is a bit heavier than I usually listen to, but I love it. I know there will be times on that stupid island where I will be upset, and I’ll need something to get my aggression out and my blood flowing. These songs do that for me. I especially like 'Whisper.' It’s got a good beat, great guitar and great lyrics. This CD is my hard rock side coming out.”

The Format, "Interventions and Lullabies" (Elektra, 2003)
“My teammate Amy LePeilbet turned me onto them and I’ve loved them ever since. It’s sort of alternative rock, but I am not sure how I would categorize them. I can really relate to some of their lyrics. One song talks about just wanting to hang out with your friends instead of going out, and on another he talks about being stuck in traffic, tuning out and blasting the radio and singing, which I do all the time! The album just brings me home.”

Ciara, "Goodies" (LaFace/Arista, 2004)
“Ciara is my girl. It’s good dance music and has great beats. I need to entertain myself on the island, so I might as well dance. This is one of the few albums that Robert (her fiancé) and I both really like. He really likes Blues and Jazz, but he loves Ciara.”