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Post-Game Quotes: USA 4, Iceland 2

On coming back from a goal down:
“We showed some pride, and some good soccer after that. Two goals, I was not happy about that, but I was happy about the way we came back, especially the Cheney goal coming from the serve and the hard run in the box.”

On the match:
“The most important thing was the tactical game. I really liked the talk at halftime when we talked about their 4-5-1 and who was winning second balls in the midfield. The way Carli Lloyd and Shannon Boxx dealt with that situation was great.”

On Alex Morgan scoring the clinching goal in the 87th minute:
“Alex Morgan comes off the bench, she gets one instruction and she scores a goal. Wonderful.”

On the importance of the Algarve Cup towards the team’s Women’s World Cup preparation:
“Very important. We won all games and we’ve been playing well, but you have 25 minutes here, and 30 minutes there (of good soccer). Now, we feel like we’re starting to get connected and find the starting lineup so it’s been very good to have these four games.”

On Lauren Cheney’s goal during first half stoppage time:
“First of all, I think scoring that equalizer right before the first half was a big deal. Going into halftime is tough emotionally and mentally. The fact that we had that evened out was huge.”

On the team coming out strong in the second half:
I think that the energy level, because we went into some more high pressure defense in the second half, really helped us. We started winning balls a little higher up the field and getting a lot more chances.”

On the USA scoring 12 goals in the tournament without her finding the net:
“I think that personally I want to score goals, but if my team is winning championships and if I’m a team player, somebody who is running for my team and doing the work, that’s almost more important on some level.”

On coming back from a goal down:
“I’m really proud of the way we reacted. Giving up two goals in a minute or two can be defeating, but this team has fight and that’s something you need. Things aren’t going to go smooth, we know that for sure. It’s what you do with the things that happen that matter the most.”

On how the Algarve Cup factors into the Women’s World Cup preparation:
“It’s the last time we are going to be in a tournament-like situation where we can prepare for a World Cup event. You can’t mimic or create that (World Cup) environment. It’s just so different. However, Italy (in the World Cup playoff), Algarve, going down a goal (to Iceland), all of these things will play into the World Cup and make a difference for our performance. The preparation is so important and I’m excited to see what is going to happen in the next couple months because we’ve got a great team and we’re putting things together and it feels really good.”

U.S. Midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On coming back from a goal down:
“I think that’s good preparation because we may not go up in a game at the World Cup. We were down and we never lost focus on being able to get a few in the back of the net. It was a great team performance, people coming off the bench did well and this was a great tournament to build off of.”

On giving up two goals in two minutes:
“It was super quick, but our defense got together and kind of sorted some things out, same as the midfielders, and we just remained focus on the task of scoring goals. With this team, we have a history of winning and that’s the mentality that we’ll always have and carry into the World Cup.” 

On coming back from being a goal down:
“I think the team did great. We responded by just picking away. We didn’t put ourselves under too much pressure, we just realized that there was a lot of time left in the game and just kept playing our style. We didn’t turn to their style of just hitting that long ball and trying to get that second ball. So I think we did well with our composure, still knocking it around and finding the back of the net.”

On the tournament:
“I think it was good for us. It was great that we played four different styles of teams. I’m proud of this team in the way we attacked the tournament. We got better each time. For a final to be back and forth like this, it’s the way it’s going to be in the World Cup, so it was definitely a good experience for us and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

On how the Algarve Cup helped in the WWC preparation:
“It couldn’t have been any better. We were struggling (in 2010), we all know that, but coming off the China trip (in January), then going to Florida (in February) and having a great camp there and then coming here to Portugal, we got better. We’ve still got three months preparation and we’re looking good and the confidence is building and that’s what you need leading into the World Cup.”

On the instructions Pia Sundhage gave her when she came on in the 74th minute:
“Pia told me to just go in there and make those diagonal runs and get in behind the outside backs and when I received the ball, don’t lay it off, just turn and look for combinations or go to goal. So I kind of just did that and looked to play off Abby’s flick and it worked with that one goal.”

On winning the best goal scorer award after scoring three times in the fewest amount of minutes played than any other player and winning a vacation to the Algarve:
“It’s fun. I get a week’s vacation here so that’s nice, but there were a lot of great goals from other players. Carli had three amazing goals too.”