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Quotes from Press Conference Before Turkey Match in Philadelphia

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY
On the final decisions to make in terms of the lineup:
“We’re pretty set with most of our lineup. Those decisions will be based on the need to see some different players and based on the fitness of others after the game the other day.”

On what made Turkey a good candidate for this important pre-World Cup match:
“First of all, they are a good team. It gives us the chance to play a tough opponent before leaving. I think there are some similarities between some of their players and players from Slovenia. But as a whole, it’s about playing a really good team.”

On how the success in the Confederations Cup will affect the team’s World Cup performance:
“First of all we had a chance to get a feel for stadiums, the weather, the people and that part of it. Second, we played good teams and we found out what it was like when you have to win – like against Egypt. We found out how to play against a top team like Spain and then we had the experience of a final. One where we had the lead but couldn’t hold it. Those are things that you use to help the team move forward. In all ways, that experience was a good plus for us.”

On if tomorrow’s starting eleven will be the first choice side:
“We’ll have a team that is close to our regular eleven. As we get closer to the England match, we always have to make decisions about what will be our best team for that day. So we’ll use a tough matchup with Turkey to help us in that regard.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN
On what it means to play a Send-Off game in front of a pro-American crowd:
“I was a little disappointed the other night not to be able to play in a game like that because it’s not too often we have such pro-American crowds. When we play in qualifiers, we always have a large contingent of passionate American fans, but more often than not our opponents’ fans are more prevalent in the stadium. So [the other night] was cool and we expect the same again. There’s no better way to head to South Africa than with a home game like that.”

U.S. captain and defender CARLOS BOCANEGRA
On the type of Turkey team that the U.S. expects to play tomorrow:
“We’ve heard that Turkey is supposed to be well supported here and they’ll have some fans. I’m sure with the over 50,000 tickets sold it’ll be a great atmosphere and they’ll have some energy. But more importantly for us is making sure we’re sharp. This is our last tune up match before we go down to South Africa so when we’re on the field, we’d like to put out the effort that shows we’re sharper, moving quicker, making decisions quicker and definitely being solid defensively.”

On what the team needs to accomplish in the next two weeks to be ready for the World Cup:
“The past three and half years we’ve been together, we’ve been working towards this. Bob is very thorough and he sticks to his plan. He’s been hammering it into us from day one about how we want to go about things, how we come to training and even how we carry ourselves off the field. This hasn’t changed and the guys have bought into it. So I don’t think it’s about the next two weeks. It’s been building up from about three and half years ago when we first came together as a team. We’ve had a good nucleus of guys that have been around a long time with additions here and there. So it’s been going up and up and hopefully we peak just at the right time in South Africa.”