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WNT Halloween Costumes

Everyone loves holidays, including your favorite U.S. Soccer players and coaches. So much so, we created this section to provide you with anything and everything they’d like to share, whether it be a turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, a step-by-step guide on how to plant a tree on Arbor Day or just a heart-warming Valentine’s Day story.

Midfielder Aly Wagner (sometime during college):
"I was an upside-down man. I had a mannequin head in an upside-down t-shirt between my legs and wore pants on my arms and shoes on my hands. It was really tiring holding my arms up. I was also a french maid."

Midfielder Kristine Lilly (age 10):
"My New York Jets outfit was my favorite. I had shoulder pads, a helmet, the complete uniform. I even had eye black under my eyes."

Forward Shannon MacMillan (she, herself, was a costume):
"I'm not sure I have a favorite, but my friend dressed up as me last year. I gave her the complete U.S. National Team uniform, cleats and shinguards, the whole works."

Forward Abby Wambach (sophomore in college):
"We had to come to practice dressed in our Halloween costumes. I was Barbie. Except it was a costume made for a four-year-old. I had to cut it up to make it fit."

Midfielder Lorrie Fair (age 11):
"I was Humpty-Dumpty one year. I took two of my dad's t-shirts and sewed them together, so I had spots for my legs and arms. Then I stuffed pillows in there and had suspenders."

Defender Tina Frimpong (elementary school):
"I was a princess three years in a row. I wore the same blue dress. My daughter McKenzie has been a little more creative. She's been a pumpkin, a fairy and a dragon."

Defender Kate Markgraf (age 14):
"I guess my favorite was a ghost because I would trick-or-treat, then take off the sheet and underneath I was a beggar. So I would get back in line at the same house and get more candy."

Defender Amy LePeilbet (age 8):
"I was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello. The costume was purple and I had a mask with a big green nose."

Midfielder Carli Lloyd (6th grade):
"I was an olive. I wore a big, black garbage bag stuffed with newspapers."

Goalkeeper Jenni Branam (last year):
"I was a nerd. I had a mask with bad teeth and big, thick glasses and huge ears. I wore suspenders and a pocket protector with my shirt half untucked."

Defender Kylie Bivens (8th grade):
"I won a prize at school in 8th grade for dressing like a Nun."

Defender Cat Reddick (high school):
"Well, one year my sister and I were going to dress up like cheerleaders, but I got hurt at a soccer game and I had to walk with crutches. So I was a cheerleader with crutches."

Goalkeeper Hope Solo (sophomore in college):
"I was a space invader. We wore tight silver outfits and had silver face paint. You'd have to see it to really appreciate it."

Six-foot-six goalkeeper coach Ian Feuer:
"When I played for West Ham in England we had a Christmas party every year. One year I dressed as Chewbacca. I was furry head to toe."