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2004 Advanced State Referee Courses

The United States Soccer Federation, in response to requests from several state associations, has scheduled a number of Advanced State Referee Training Courses for 2004. The list is posted here.

The courses will focus on varied topics such as:

  1. Memorandum 2004
  2. Regional and National Cup Memorandum 2003 - 2004
  3. Position Papers: 2003
  4. "Advice to Referee on the Laws of the Game" (use the Syllabus)
  5. Review: "Guide for Fourth Officials"
  6. Flawless Communication/Team Building

Special Notes:

Advanced Referee Course

A referee instructor will be appointed by the Manager of Referee Development and Education. All travel, lodging, meals and fees for the instructor will be the responsibility of the National Program for Referee Development. The instructor will contact the coordinator to finalize details of arrival, housing and local transportation. It is appropriate for a site association’s representative to coordinate the instructor’s transportation between the airport, the instructor’s lodging and the site of the course.

The hosting state association will be responsible to arrange for and pay for meeting rooms audio-visual equipment, local printing or copying of the course handouts and any refreshments that are provided for the participants.

Should you have any questions about the scheduled workshops, please contact the national office.