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U.S. U20s vs. Egypt Post-Game Quote Sheet

USA 1, Egypt 0
June 18, 2005

U.S. Head Coach Sigi Schmid
On concern that the U.S. did not score many goals:
“It was something we talked about as a team and I said, ‘I know what you guys are doing, you’re trying to save your goals for the later rounds.’ Sometimes it just doesn’t bounce right for you, but again I wasn’t pleased overall with the amount of chances we created today. We didn’t create today, but hopefully the goals are going to fall in the next round.”

On not playing well:
“I think when we play against a quality team our concentration is much better and we play much better. We still have more trouble playing against a team that we should beat or being put into a situation like we were (against Egypt) being a man up. In a game where we should dominate sometimes we struggle with that.”

On not being pleased with the team’s performance:
“I have higher expectations for them and higher demands for them. I think that is something we will sort away and I have every confidence that you will see the same type of performance which you saw in the first two games.”

On what they need to do in the next round to win:
“Getting some goals and keeping the other team from scoring goals. More than anything, we just need to come into the game focused and with good concentration. We don’t really care who we play in the next round. No one is going to be easy from here on out. It’s our mental concentration and focus that is the key, and you’ve got to have it bounce your way a little bit. If we do that we could go far.”

On changing the starting line-up:
“We only really had four or five starters out there and that was a risk we were willing to take. But we felt confident with the guys coming off the bench and they need to know that I believe in them as well.”

U.S. Midfielder Freddy Adu
On being part of the game-winning goal:
“The game wasn’t going too well to be honest. We created some chances, but we weren’t finishing. (Sigi) put me in the game and my goal was to create something and try and make something happen.”

On the match:
“We did not play the prettiest soccer today, but we grinded it out and got the win. We really need to work on game management, especially when the other team goes down a man. What if we played like this if they had all 11 guys on the field? They probably would have scored on us.”

U.S. Goalkeeper Quentin Westberg
On the match:
“We’re happy with the result and not happy with the performance. We’re hoping we do better in the next round.”

On what they need to do to play better in the next game:
“We need to keep working hard and keep our focus. Everyone really wants to play, so we just need to go out there and play 100 percent.”

On winning the group:
“They were calling this the ‘Group of Death,’ so it is a great achievement for the United States to come out on top. I think we’ve played some great games even though we didn’t play well today. As we move on we’ll have to play better.”

U.S. Forward Jacob Peterson
On the winning goal:
“Freddy (Adu) got the ball on the left and I think he was shooting. It got deflected and luckily I was there to hit it in. It was a good feeling.”

On starting:
“It was good. Obviously, to get a start in the world championship is always nice and I was glad that I could capitalize and get a goal.”