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New Policy for Upgrade to National Referee Effective for National Candidate declarations made in December 2008

At the Referee Committee meeting on September 26, 2007, the following change was made to the requirements to upgrade from State Referee Grade 5 to National Referee Grade 4:

Beginning with National Candidate declarations in December 2008, for Grade 5 referees wishing to upgrade to National Referee, there will be a two year process as a Provisional National Candidate. This process will begin after the declaration has been received and accepted by the National Office. The requirements for the Provisional National Candidates will be as follows:

  • Complete your Referee Registration each year on line before December 15.
  • Meet the annual assessment requirements of two assessments as a referee and one assessment as an AR. One referee assessment and the AR assessment must be on a pro game or an approved other game. The other referee assessment must be done on an adult, division 1 or higher game. The assessments must meet the other established criteria as printed in the Referee Administrative Handbook under Certification of National Referees.
  • In each of the two years, attend and successfully complete the requirements at a Regional/Pro Clinic, including completing and passing that year’s national referee written exam and the national physical fitness test.
    • For example: A referee declares National Candidacy in December 2008 – they must successfully attend and complete the requirements in late winter or early spring of 2009 and again in 2010. In 2011, the Provisional National Candidate will attend the designated National Camp to complete the certification as a National Referee.
  • During the two year period as a Provisional National Candidate, the individual must referee 20 games at the Youth Regionals (U16 and higher), Youth Nationals (U16 and higher), Adult Regionals, Adult Nationals and USSF run Academies.

Complete details will be available in the next printing of the Referee Administrative Handbook since this policy applies to National Candidate declarations made in 2008 and not in 2007.

If you have any questions, you can contact Julie Ilacqua at 312-528-1252.