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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. U-19 WNT Wins Bronze at World Championship

Post-Match Quote Sheet
U.S. 3, Brazil 0
Under-19 World Championship Third-Place Match
Nov. 27, 2004 - Bangkok, Thailand

U.S. forward Megan Rapinoe on the USA's attitude coming into the match:
"After the (Germany) game, no one on the whole team had a dry eye.  It was a really hard loss.  We wanted to get in the finals and that was our goal the whole time, but we just got together and realized that we had one more game together as a team, as friends and as sisters, and we need to take advantage of that.  We need to come out and play like this was our championship game.  We didn't want to end on two losses. We wanted to play the best we could in our last game together, our farewell game."

Rapinoe on her goal, her third of the tournament:
"I saw they only had one defender out so I played short to Woz early.  She dribbled at the player and passed it out to me.  The first time we tried to do it, I drove it low and it got jumbled in the mix (of players).  So, I tried to bend it.  I didn't mean to bend it upper-90, I just tried to bend it over the pit of players and it caught the corner."

U.S. head coach Mark Krikorian on the match:
"We put a game plan together and I thought the players executed it perfectly.  Our defending was solid and our goalkeeper was magnificent.  In the attack, we went at them a lot of different ways and were able to possess the ball against a very good Brazilian team.  I am very proud of the effort the team put into today."

Kirkorian on the U.S. team receiving just two yellow cards in the tournament, one for playing after an offside whistle and one for delay of game:
"We don't talk about not getting yellow cards, but we talk about playing hard and playing fair and competing within the spirit of the game.  We also think the style that you play is important.  It's beautiful game if you allow it to be and I think our players have during this tournament."

Krikorian on the experience in Thailand:
"All of us from the United States are thrilled to have been in Thailand.  The hospitality that has been extended to us has been first class.  The places we've stayed and visited, as well as the attitude of everyone we encountered, has been magnificent.  We're very thankful for that and we want to make sure all the folks here in Thailand know that we appreciate the kindness and generosity extended to us.  FIFA did a great job of selecting Thailand to host this world championship and I am sure there is no one in the American team who wouldn't want to come back."

U.S. midfielder Angie Woznuk on the match:
"I think it's unbelievable that our team was able to rebound from that loss because we definitely expected to win this tournament.  That's what we came here to do.  It was really good to see us all coming together, play as a team and act like this was the championship game.  We got to play Brazil.  How often do you get to play Marta and Cristiane and measure yourself against them? So, it was a really good challenge and everyone played awesome."

Woznuk on the keys to the match:
"Controlling the tempo was the biggest key.  We didn't want to get caught up in their game, chasing them all around. As far as attacking, we just had to pick the right times to go forward."

U.S. captain and goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris on the tournament:
"It's a great experience.  This is my second time going through a world championship, so being an older player, one of my main goals was to look out for the young players and make this experience as good a possible for them. I think the veteran players accomplished that."

Harris on the match:
"We came out wanting to win this tournament, but found ourselves in the third-fourth place game. I think it showed a lot of pride for us to come out and play against a great team like Brazil.  I have some great players in front of me and it made my job easy."

Harris on the team's attitude coming into the Third-Place match:
"We have a great tradition in the United States and every time we step on the field, we want to win.  Yes, we did lose, and it was a tough loss, and we'd like to be in the Final, but it's all how you bounce back and our girls did a great job.  It shows maturity and it shows pride, that no matter whether the game is for third or the championship, we are going to go out and give it our all."

Harris on the team's experience in Thailand:
"It's been an unreal experience.  Everyone has treated us so well and has been so kind.  All the fans and the FIFA organizers have been great, so we definitely want to thank the fans who came out to cheer for us and all the staff who put in so much work behind the scenes.  It's been great."

U.S. defender Rachel Buehler on facing the Brazilians:
"We faced some of the greatest dribblers and offensive players in the world tonight and it was all about our team defending.  Cover for each other and re-cover after we got beat.  It was all about working together."

U.S. midfielder Stephanie Logterman gets the final word on the match:
"It was very tiring, but that was fun."