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Milbrett's Path to 100

Count to 100. We’ll wait…

(You aren’t counting are you? Fine, be that way.)

If you counted, you would have found out it takes a bit of time. Well, 30 seconds at least. But, now try and imagine scoring that many goals at soccer’s highest level.

For Tiffeny Milbrett it took about 12 years, nine months and 24 days (yeah, no chance we’re breaking down the hours, minutes, seconds). As you can see, it takes some time to join the century club, an exclusive plateau that only five other women have reached.

And over time, you (probably even Tiffeny) can tend to forget every goal. But, alas, that’s why we are here. You want to se her first goal scored abroad? Got it. How about her first World Cup goal? All over it. The 1996 Olympic gold medal winning goal? No doubt.

Did we track down every goal and put the video on No. (Reminder: It’s a HUNDRED goals!) But we do have 12 of the most memorable either due to the significance of the goal or just because it was a heck of a strike.

Read the goal description. Hit play. And enjoy.

Milbrett Goal Collection

Goal No.        Goal Description
     7              Milbrett follows the rebound for her first goal in her hometown of
    10             Lilly hits the crossbar on a free kick, but Milbrett is there to punch it
                     home for her first-ever World Cup goal
    21             One of her easiest goals as Brandi Chastain draws out the 'keeper for
                     an easy tap-in
    25             A quarter of the way there and it's a big one as she buries the gold
                    medal-winning goal in Athens, Ga. (no sound)
 45,46           In her 100th cap, she gets two goals within a four-minute span,
                    placing both just inside the left post
    50            She pounces on a deflected ball to put her halfway to 100 (no sound)
    62            Capitalizes on missed trap by German defender to equalize in 1999
                    World Cup quarterfinal match
 81,82           The 5-foot-1 striker heads home in the final moment of the match to
                    send it to overtime. She also added the first goal.
    95            One of her best goals ever, a brilliant left-footed volley into the top of the
                    goal to help U.S. win regional title            
   100            A nifty one-touch chip over the 'keeper to get her the century mark

Date                     Goal No.    Opponent       Score    Venue
May 14, 1995             7          Brazil             4-1 W    Portland, Ore.     
June 6, 1995             10         China              3-3 T     Gavle, Sweden
March 16, 1996         21         Germany         2-0 W    Davidson, N.C.
Aug. 1, 1996             25         China              2-1 W    Athen, Ga.
Sept. 18, 1998       45, 46       Russia            4-0 W    Rochester, N.Y.
March 16, 1999         50         Finland            4-0 W    Quarteria, Portugal
July 1, 1999              62         Germany         3-2 W    Landover, Md. 
Sept. 28, 2000       81,82        Norway            2-3 L     Sydney, Australia
Nov. 9, 2002             95          Canada           2-1 W    Pasadena, Calif.
July 10, 2005           100         Ukraine           7-0 W    Portland, Ore.