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Post-Game Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT vs. Haiti

U.S. head coach PIA SUNDHAGE
On the match:
“I am very happy. Five good goals and it’s a good start to the tournament. It’s a long road (to Germany), and we take one game at a time, but I am happy that Abby scored three goals. It was good for her confidence and for the team as well.”

On the match:
“We have something to work on as far as keeping possession, but when you come into the first game of a tournament it’s always a little bit difficult. I am glad to have that under our belt and move forward.”

On controlling the match:
“We could have possessed the ball better, but it’s the start of the tournament so I understand that sometimes the team is a little uncomfortable because they haven’t played together that much and sometimes the attack broke down a little too early. But five good goals and a win, I’ll take that any day.”

On the performance of the Haiti team:
“They played with a big heart and some of their players gave our players a footrace and did well. They played for 90 minutes, they never broke down, and that’s a good thing and a good sign for women’s soccer overall.”

On scoring her first international goal:
“It was a very exciting moment for me. Yesterday we were practicing set plays and my job was to run towards ‘keeper and it really worked out well for me today. I was able to get on the end of a deflection and get it into the net, so it was really exciting, especially in a World Cup qualifying game. It was sweet.”

On the match:
“It was good in that we scored a lot of goals and we won a lot of headers and did well on our set plays that we’d been working on. So it was good to get some goals and capitalize on those opportunities, but hopefully we can use the momentum to get a rhythm going. I don’t know that we had quite the rhythm we wanted to this game so hopefully we can get more of that and play some good soccer.”

On the match and her hat trick:
“I think that we still can play better soccer…but at the end of the day we created a lot of chances and we scored a lot of goals. It was probably my worst three-goal performance of all time. I hit a wall about the 70th minute so I have to hit the recovery and get my legs back under me so I can come back in two days time.”

On giving soccer gear to the Haitians:
“We gave each individual a little bag full of Nike gear as just a little token of our appreciation and support for them in the aftermath of the earthquake. Obviously, it was devastating and affected every single one of those girls’ lives. It’s hard because you go on the pitch and you don’t want to take it easy on anybody so there’s all these mixed emotions that you have. At the end of the day, we obviously took care of business on the field but that doesn’t mean we can’t lend a hand afterwards, go into their locker room and do the right thing.”

On the experience of playing Haiti and interacting after the match:
“A lot of those girls don’t really know what it’s like for a female to have that empowerment feeling…they want to talk to you and take pictures with you. I think, for me, what that shows is that we are doing something here. Even when we are playing against countries, we are actually putting into their brains that there is something bigger out there for them. Obviously, with the earthquake and the devastation that they have been going through, any little bit of happiness that they can have, if it’s a picture, if it’s a bag goodies, that’s great. I just want them to realize what a special time this is. It’s a qualifying tournament and it’s not easy to make it (to the Women’s World Cup). I am proud to have played against them and respect them greatly.”

U.S. midfielder HEATHER O'REILLY
On the match:
“It was a good start to the tournament for us. We’re obviously happy about getting five goals. We implemented a lot of the things we’ve been working on like changing the point of attack and picking moments to go forward, so we have a lot of positives to take from the game.”

U.S. midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On the match:
“We didn’t know what to expect of Haiti, but I felt they gave a great effort and really came after us. But credit to us, we put five in the back of the net and did some good things. We still need to keep our focus and finish out games, but overall it’s a good start and we did some good things out there.”

On the Haitians:
“I can’t imagine what they are going through, so just to see them out their playing is great. We all hope that things get better in Haiti and hopefully some of them can use soccer to come to schools in the U.S. and just keeping playing as much as possible.”