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WNT vs. Germany: Post-Match Quote Sheet

Quote Sheet
U.S. WNT vs. Germany
Fan Tribute Tour, Presented by Panasonic
Rentschler Field; East Hartford, Conn.
Oct. 23, 2012

U.S. Women’s National Team interim head coach JILL ELLIS
On the atmosphere at Rentschler Field:
“The fans have been terrific. They were loud, they were into it, and it was fantastic. Hopefully, they enjoyed it. They seemed to have a good time and it was a great atmosphere.”

On if the conditions affected the first half:
“I think both teams were kind of feeling each other out. I thought our first 15 minutes weren’t particularly great and then we started to find a rhythm and played a little bit higher up the field. I think both teams came after it in the second half, made some subs, some fresh legs and the tempo increased.”

U.S. forward ALEX MORGAN

On the atmosphere:
“I thought the crowd was really great. When we came out to warm up, I was a little nervous for the crowd because I wouldn’t want to be sitting in the rain for an hour-and-a-half, but they showed up huge and they were loud and on their feet the whole time. I really have to give them credit.”

On her two assists in the match against Germany:
“I’m really happy about the two goals. We were up two times and just couldn’t keep the lead. We played pretty good soccer at some times and hopefully we can keep that up going forward. Hopefully, next time we play Germany we’ll get the ‘W.’”

On her assist to Tobin Heath in the second half:
“I received a ball behind the defense from Lauren Cheney and it was a great ball. Me and Cheney are always on the same page so I knew she was going to play that ball over the back line and I just tried to get around my defender to the end line enough where I could cut it back. I knew if I cut it back the defenders would be facing their own goal and our players would be running toward the goal. I thought we’d have a good opportunity if I could get to the end line.”

On the physical play from Germany:
“I think you have to expect the physicality the Germans bring to the game. We’ve played them enough now to know if you take too many touches on the ball, they’re going to tackle you or put some pressure on you. There were times where our midfield or defense was a little tentative to take one or two more touches, but I think as the game wore on we felt a little more comfortable and got more rhythm.”

On the upcoming matches in Portland, Ore., and Glendale, Ariz.:
“I’m really excited for Portland and Glendale. Last time we were in Portland it was a sold-out crowd. Portland is always a great environment for us. The Northwest is always so great for soccer. Glendale: I remember playing there against Sweden. They’re both good crowds and I’m really excited for that. We haven’t played Ireland in a while, so I’m excited to see what they bring to help us develop as a team.”

On the match against Germany:
“The rain makes it a different game. I’m a little disappointed in the result and myself. I wasn’t making great touches. That one-on-one with the keeper, I want that back and if that goes down, we win.”

On the atmosphere:
“I think that that is probably the most spectacular part of what happened tonight. It’s an amazing sight, seeing the rain come off the lights and you’re playing against one of the best teams in the world. You’ve got a gold medal back in the locker room. We’re going to walk away from these games and get some good things from it. The take away for me is when we’re played-in and fit, we’re a better team and that’s good news because that’s on the horizon for us.”

On her goal just before halftime:
“It got a little deflection so there was wicked spin on the ball which made it really difficult for the goalkeeper to read the bounce and the bounce just skipped straight to my head.”

On the back-to-back draws against Germany:
“I think that it could’ve gone either way. Both teams had pretty good chances in both games. I think they probably had the run of play today. We had more breakaways and getting in the flanks. We didn’t play great soccer today. Carli Lloyd was probably the best player on the field. Alex Morgan had a few assists. The thing about Alex now that she’s going to have to learn is that she’s going to be getting herself into such great positions, but the respect of the defenders now prevent her from going one-on-one with the goalkeeper which means that the back post is going to be wide open almost every time and Tobin took advantage of that tonight.”

On the next matches in Portland, Ore., and Glendale, Ariz.:
“I just bought a house in Portland, so I’m excited to go to my ‘hometown.’ Glendale will be fun, I’ve got family and friends that live there. Portland is exciting because the Northwest really wraps its arms around soccer and appreciates it and supports it. We want to be able to go up there and really give the fans something to cheer about. This is a victory tour, it’s not necessarily about the outcome, it’s about celebrating the gold medal, but at the end of the day it’s way more fun when you win. For the rest of this tour, we want to put more points up on the board than our opponents and walk away with victories and give our fans something more to cheer about.”

U.S. goalkeeper HOPE SOLO
On the match against Germany:
“That’s what we expect from Germany. We haven’t seen them for two years. It’s nice to get back against a team that knows how to play, that’s organized, that are creative on the attack. It pushes us and brings out the best in us, but at the same time it entertains the fans and that’s what it’s all about. 2-2 isn’t the outcome we want, but Germany is a great team; they’re the No. 2 team in the world.”

On the big crowds the team has attracted on the Fan Tribute Tour:
“We have these 10 games in cities across the United States and we’re expecting every stadium to be packed and sold out. It’s the growth of the sport and the success that we had in the World Cup followed by the Olympics and it’s where women’s soccer should be. It’s exciting and you can see the fans aren’t just the screaming girls, but they’re very knowledgeable fans. You can tell that they know when to cheer, you can feel the game and the energy in the stands and that’s what we love. Tonight was a great crowd and I give them props for coming out in the rain.”

On if the rain troubled her during the match:
“I don’t think the rain had any factor on my play today. Maybe a couple off-weight passes, but in terms of slipping and not being able to catch the ball, I was fine.”