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U.S. WNT vs. Korea DPR: Post-Match Quotes - March 12, 2014

U.S. WNT vs. Korea DPR
Post-Match Quotes – March 12, 2014
2014 Algarve Cup

U.S. WNT head coach TOM SERMANNI
On the team rebounding to get a win:
“It was a terrific performance to be honest. We dominated the game, we dominated possession, and I can’t remember them having a shot on goal. I’m really pleased with the way players came out and approached the game. To be honest, they could have come out feeling fairly dejected because we are playing in an unusual position in this tournament rather than playing for first and second. So, it’s a credit to them, their professionalism and focus, and we finished the game off exceptionally well.”

On the veteran leadership:
“Abby was tremendous today. She led from the front. Morgan and Carli dominated midfield, and Becky and Buehler dominated in the back, so right down our core today we were really solid. It was a good way to finish what has been a strange tournament.”

On earning her 200th cap:
“I couldn’t be prouder, and although the tournament didn’t go exactly the way this team would have hoped, the really cool thing about being a part of this team is that it’s like a family. There’s ups, there’s downs, there’s hard times, there’s amazing times, so I think it’s fitting that my 200th was in a game like this, in a game where we were able to overcome some adversity and come away with a proud result.”

On scoring in her 200th cap:
“Scoring goals is the best. It’s always really fun and exciting to score. I’m just proud to be able to put on this jersey 200 times. It’s really incredible and something I’m really, really proud of.”

On the USA’s effort against Korea DPR:
“We’re really proud of what we put out there, and up until the last minute we were showing what the U.S. is all about. We got a great couple of goals but we know that there is growth still left in this team and we are already excited to get back on the training field and get better together.”

On her goal:
“On the last goal, I actually screamed at Abby to get near post. Usually it’s me making the near post run, but I made her to do it today and the ball scooted through after all their attention went to Abby and I was able to put it home at the back post. But I love this team and I’m really thankful to be a part of it.”

U.S. midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On the match:

“Today was good. It was good to end the tournament with a win. Obviously it’s been a difficult situation for all of us. I think teams are getting a little more sophisticated in how to break us down, in how to contain us, and we’ve got to find more sophisticated ways to break them down. They are not going to give us time and space in midfield or up top, so we’ve got to find other ways, and I think that’s what will elevate our game. You live and learn. We’ll learn from this whole experience here and move forward and we’ve still got plenty of time.”

On attacking Korea DPR:
“We knew what to expect with them as far as organization. We knew they’d be technical and they did pose some threats up top as well, but we got around them with width and got some runs in from behind and that’s how we scored our goals.”

On looking forward:
“We’re still learning. There were some new players that were on the field, some younger players, some veterans, but once we find that core group we can keep moving forward. You always come out learning things. I came out as a better player, as well as everyone else, so we just have to bounce back and move forward.”

On ending the tournament on a positive note:

“I think this hasn’t been our best tournament and we really wanted to come out today and leave everything that we had on the field and I think that we did that, so it was a good way to end.”

On the USA’s ball-winning:
“Ball winning is something that has always been a strength of our team. We focused on those things today. We tried to play to our strengths and set the tone out there.”

On the tournament overall:
“The tournament was definitely an interesting one for us, but it was great in certain ways because a lot of players did get a lot of experience, and we are still really far out from the World Cup. Sometimes adversity can be good and make you grow stronger. I think the way we answered back in this game is a testament to our character and hopefully we’re back on the right track.”

On rebounding from two poor results:

“Games like these are good. It’s a gut check. I don’t think we’ve lost two games in a row in a long time, maybe ever, so I think for us it’s a matter of coming out on the field and putting the work in. We can talk all day long about formations and systems and style of play, but at the end of the day, it’s about certain people showing up and playing collectively as a team and finishing your chances.”

On the Korea DPR testing the USA:
“Gone are the days that we are going to be beating teams nine or 10 to zero. North Korea is a quality team. They’re technical, they keep possession of the ball and that’s really good for us as it forces our defense to shift and puts us in positions that we’ll probably see in the World Cup. Games like this are really good for us, to look at film, to make sure if there was a breakdown we can go back and correct it.”

On creating scoring chances:
“Like we said at halftime, we can keep possession all day long, but we need to have those penetrating passes, or those people like Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe and Heather O’Reilly taking ownership of the game and do something individually, so we can get the chances that we can put in the back of the net.”