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On May 28, your U.S. Men's National Team plays England in the United States for the first time since Tony Meola recorded the greatest single goalkeeping match in team history! Starting in goal for the U.S. in the upcoming match against England will be Kasey Keller, the owner of the greatest single goalkeeping performance in U.S. Men's National Team history, having shutout Brazil in the 1998 Gold Cup semifinals.

Wait a second? They can't both be true!!! Or can they? Was it Meola or Keller? Both performances saw the two standouts standing on their proverbial heads and making one crazy save after another. Meola saves. Keller saves. Can you say, "Hallelujah"?

It is an age old question for ... well, the ages. "Which widely heralded game was the best goalkeeping performance in U.S. Soccer history?" Meola making 15 saves against the English or Keller's 10-save show against the defending 1994 World Cup champs?

And now, leave it to your ol' friends at Center Circle to help muddy the waters even further by putting both 'keepers highlight reel saves and aerial acrobatics side-by-side for the first time anywhere, giving you a chance to become even more confused.

So, if you're a Meola man and loved the way he slammed the door on Ian Wright in the game's waning minutes to preserve the USA's impressive 2-0 shutout at old Foxboro Stadium, let us hear about it! Or, if you agree with none-other-than Brazil's Romario, who called Keller's heroics in L.A. back in 1998 the greatest performance in goal he'd ever seen, then we want to hear from you!

Watch the video. Form an opinion. Send us an email. Get saved. That's how we do it here at Center Circle Video.

                   Is it going to be Tony vs. England


                                             Or is it going to be Kasey vs. Brazil

You Make The Call!