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Each year, the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department holds several National Coaching Schools, with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of top-level coaches involved in soccer in the United States.

The objective of the coaching schools is to provide all soccer coaches, from the beginner to the most advanced, with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge, so coaches across the United States can help ensure that players develop to their full potential.

The U.S. Soccer National Coaching School Program provides:

  1. A program in which coaches can earn nationally certified credentials and take advantage of the opportunities and recognition inherent in the attainment of various levels of coaching expertise.
  2. A system which improves a coach's knowledge of the game.
  3. Valuable information on current coaching trends and international developments in the game.

The structure of the coaching schools has been established for initial instruction courses (D, E, & Youth Modules) to be conducted in every state, leading up to four levels of certification held at the national level (A, B, C, & Youth License). These courses are held at regular intervals throughout the year at different sites and provide instruction and practical experience in all aspects of the game. For a schedule of State-Hosted Courses, please visit this page.

The first school held at the national level this spring will take place along Georgia's scenic Gold Coast from April 6-14, when U.S. Soccer will host a National Coaching School with A, B and C license courses at the Jekyll Island Soccer Complex in Jekyll Island.

Designed to meet the changing needs of today's modern soccer coach, the National Coaching School offers a complete, nine-day coaching course in a residential environment.  The course is conducted at three levels and emphasizes field instruction in the areas of technique, tactics and fitness.  The course also includes valuable instruction in coaching methodology, team management and sport psychology.

Each license has specific content toward accomplishing different objectives within the game. The curriculum emphasis of the "A" License Course is the development and understanding of team play and specific tactical concepts applied to a game plan, i.e., low pressure defending, counter-attack, pressing, etc. Candidates are expected to construct an appropriate training session and coach within an 11v11 format. Also, candidates will develop an understanding of team-related issues, i.e., player management, match analysis, etc.

The "B" License Course  focuses on the development and understanding of training that provides greater meaning to positional play within the team structure, i.e., functional training. Candidates will develop an improved understanding of the roles of players and their responsibilities within the game, and the development of collective play within the various lines of play, i.e., back line, midfield line or forward line, as applied to tactics and concepts of play.

Emphasis of the "C" License Course is on the development of individual skill taught within individual and small group activities and games (4v4 to 7v7). Coaches will develop an understanding of tactics as through 4v4 to 9v9 games. Coaches will learn to recognize those "coachable moments" within a training session and make appropriate corrections.

U.S. Soccer's coaching schools have been providing quality education for coaches in the United States since the 1970s, helping to expand U.S. Soccer's coaching organization to more than 10,500 licensed coaches.  The strong commitment of U.S. Soccer's National Coaching Staff to service the game at the grassroots level from Coaching Schools to State Associations, AYSO and ODP has been essential to that growth.

Applications for the course in April are available by calling 312-528-1231 or it can be downloaded as a .pdf file. Interested candidates may also apply online. A complete 2002 course schedule is also available in the "Coaches" section of

When: April 6-14, 2002
Where: Jekyll Island, Georgia
Courses: A, B & C

Resident:  $925.00 (Member) $975.00 (Non-Member)
Commuter: $575.00 (Member) $625.00 (Non-Member)
Audit: Deduct $100.00 from tuition

For more information, please contact Kati Hope in U.S. Soccer's Coaching Department.  Kati can be reached at, or 312-528-1231.