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11 Questions with Nikki Washington

U.S. Under-20 Women's National Team and North Carolina forward Nikki Washington sat down and answered 11 questions with Center Circle on the eve of the team's Group A showdown with Mexico at the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Tournament and professed her love for Portugal, A-1 sauce and Chapel Hill.

Center Cirlce: You’re a EURO 2008 fan…. Who’s your team?
Nikki Washington: Well, I’m a Portugal fan but they’re out of it. I just really like their style of play a lot and of course I like Cristiano Ronaldo - I can even get past his mullet. I can’t pick another team now, I’m a die hard.

CC: We know you love music – what’s on your playlist?
NW: I’m going to give the typical answer and say everything. I love Lil’ Wayne, but I can’t listen to the same thing all the time. I also love the Goo Goo Dolls, which are at the opposite end of the spectrum. And The Fray. And Eminem…
(ed. note: Nikki kept going, but for the sake of space we stopped there)

CC: What is it about A-1 sauce that you love so much?
NW: I don’t know, but whenever I think about it or smell it, my mouth waters. I love it on steak and mashed potatoes, but I’ll eat it on anything. I can eat it by the spoonful. I’m a big fan of sauces in general – I have to have a sauce with everything. I went through a Heinz 57 phase, but A-1 is just so good.

CC: What is your favorite thing to do at home in Texas?
NW: Definitely just hanging out on my front yard and juggling, or playing with my brother, Brandon , who just graduated from college.

CC: What is your favorite thing to do in Chapel Hill?
NW: I love spending time with my team – we have a lot of fun. We play late-night soccer in our stadium sometimes when there isn’t a field marshal on duty to kick us off. We just mix up the guys and girls teams and just play small-sided games under the lights. During exam time is when we really do it a lot, just to get a study break. It’s awesome.

CC: What was it like to wear the captain’s armband against Cuba?
NW: Wearing the arm band and getting to exchange the flags and stuff like that is always cool. It’s a different role for me, and it’s one that I’m still getting used to. I’m still learning about the role but I think it’s going well for me so far. It’s always an honor.

CC: Three words that describe your personality off the field:
NW: Goofy, (a little) weird, sometimes serious

CC: They’re making a movie about your life – who plays your leading man?
NW: Patrick Dempsey. I’m a big Grey’s Anatomy kick right now, so definitely McDreamy.

CC: If you weren’t pursuing a career in soccer right now, what would you be pursuing?
NW: I’d want to be a teacher. Unfortunately it’s too hard to work student teaching into my schedule at UNC with soccer, it’s too demanding. I want to work with younger kids, like preschool aged. I love kids.

CC: Do you want kids of your own someday?
NW: Definitely. I always say I want to have two kids because I don’t like the idea of having a middle child, but I think I want more than two so I don’t know what to do! Maybe just have four kids?

CC: What’s your favorite thing to do on the road?
NW: Listen to music and just spend time with my teammates. I talk online a lot to keep in touch with my friends at home or at school. I really just creep around and hang out with my teammates. I also keep a journal, so I like to sit out here in the lobby and do that in the evenings.