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Memories of Mooch: Oct. 13

The U.S. Soccer Foundation is now accepting donations to the Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

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Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

MNT Asst. Glenn Myernick Passes Away

Glenn "Mooch" Myernick


“He was an unbelievable husband and father, and the finest soccer person I've ever come across in the United States. He was an amazing resource for soccer in this country. He will be sorely missed."

- Former U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena

October 13, 2006

I was fortunate to have been around Coach Myernick quite a few times over the last few years. While I cannot claim him as a personal friend, I did know him, and will continue to consider him as a friend of our sport and a friend to all of us working honestly in the game.

What struck me about Glenn was his lack of pretension and his willingness to share with junior coaches and players. In his presence you were never made to feel inadequate or unwanted, instead he made you feel a part of something that meant a lot to him.

My heart-felt condolences to his family and to his closest friends and peers. His passing is a loss for all of us in this great game that Coach Myernick represented so well.

Ian Barker
State Director of Coaching, Minnesota


I met Mooch when he came to Madison, Wis., to visit the soccer club MYSC. I immediately noticed that people were drawn to him. I soon realized that people were not only drawn to him because he was on the U.S. Soccer team staff, but more importantly because of the content of his character. He had this genuine spirit about him. I had only met Mooch for a few minutes, but he left a lasting impression on me. He connected well with my husband, Ben John, Director of MYSC, over the course of their trainings. He even signed a soccer ball to our unborn son at the time. He wrote "To Aidan Cole, to Life.....Mooch."

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Beth John
Madison, Wis.


Mooch was an impact individual both on and off the soccer pitch. He made his mark as a player, as a coach, as a leader, as an ambassador for American soccer and as a human being. He did it all with a relentless passion to succeed and did it with great humility. Mooch, through the impact he made in sport and in life, will be long remembered.

Albert Colone
Oneonta, N.Y.


I knew Glenn since we played together and against each other in Mercer County, N.J., in the '70s. One thing I admired about him was that, despite numerous disappointments and frustrations in his coaching career, he persisted and reached the pinnacle of his profession. However, the thing I admired most about Mooch was that once he reached this peak, he remained the same person who I knew from the soccer fields in Mercer County. Like Shannon MacMillan, I had hoped that Glenn Myernick would have been the next U.S. National Team coach. Bruce Arena's comments were right on the money. The U.S. lost a great spokesman and ambassador, his family lost a wonderful man, and many, many people lost a terrific friend. The world is a poorer place without Mooch in it.

Richard Broad


Dear Coach,


Merritt Mathias
U.S. Under-17 Women's National Team


I consider Mooch (like probably a thousand other people do) one of my best friends. I will miss that contagious laugh more than anything. (You know, with his hands on his hips and his head going straight up in the air). I will also miss that razor sharp sense of humor. Like we always said: "You can take the boy out of Trenton but you can't take the Trenton out of the boy!" You always had to be on your toes around Mooch.

What a great story teller he was. He always could find a prop or some great metaphor to make the story hit the funny bone really hard.

My favorite Myernick stories are:

1. We were down the Jersey shore. I had just had ACL surgery and was wearing a big, cumbersome brace. I took it off, left it on the beach and we went in the ocean. We saw a guy about 50 yards away walking down the beach with my knee brace in his hand. Mooch chased the guy down and got the brace back and then asked the guy, "If I had left my false teeth on the beach would you have taken them too?"

2. Mooch once told me a story that his wife Nancy met an elderly woman in the hospital when she was a nurse in Oneonta. The woman named Ruth (same as his mother) was crying because she had nowhere to go on Christmas Eve. Mooch and Nancy took the woman home for Christmas and she became a good friend of the family. That's the kind of people the Myernicks are.

By the way, if you ever get to spend two minutes with Ruth Myernick you will understand how Mooch grew up to be such a great guy.

Rest in peace Mooch. You are one of a kind.

Charlie Inverso
Trenton, N.J.


As a teammate of Glenn "Moochie" Myernick I was deeply saddened to hear of his loss. I am honored that I had the opportunity to play alongside him at Hartwick College. Moochie led our team by example with his talent, self-respect and sportsmanship. He was an inspiration to his fellow Warrior teammates.

Watching the World Cup this summer I was proud to see Moochie on TV representing our country, soccer and Hartwick. Through hard work and dedication he lived the soccer dream life.

Thirty years ago there was a change in the departure time for a Hartwick away game. I did not live with the other players, so they were unable to notify me of the change. So Moochie, the best college player in the country, took it upon himself to track me down. He ran all over Oneonta to find me so I would not miss the bus. That was the type of person Moochie was. As great as his accomplishments on the soccer field were, it is funny how you remember the little things he did off the field. His character touched a lot of people in a good way. I have fond memories.

My condolences to Nancy, her children and the Myernick family. The soccer community stands beside you.

In closing, I know I speak for many that I ask that we find some tangible way of perpetuating the memory of this fine man.

Tim Kevill
Hartwick, Class of 1976


As a young boy growing up in Lawrenceville, N.J., Glenn "Mooch" Myernick was a hero to me and to all my friends. When we took the field playing for the Lawrence Hamnetts, we did it with the hope that we could be like him. When I played for the Lawrence High soccer team, I took the field hoping that one day I could be as good as he was. He was one of my childhood idols and someone who used to come back to town to tell me that if I tried hard enough, I could achieve anything. I always appreciated that.

As I grew, Moochie continued to provide me with a strong role model and I have always been proud to point to him on the bench with the National Team and tell friends that he was one of the people that taught me to play the game.

My prayers are now with him and my prayers are with his family. I ask everyone to remember that this man was a good man. Tonight, I will go home and kick the ball with my son and my daughter and I will ask them to play hard so that one day they might have a positive influence on children the way Mooch did.

This man made a difference. This man influenced my life for the better, and for that, he will always be my hero.

John Loyack
Raleigh, N.C.

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