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w/ U-20 MNT midfielder Jordan Stone

Off-the-wall Questions and Answers, Queries and Anecdotes from U.S. Under-20 MNT midfielder Jordan Stone.

Stone, whose hairdo looks eerily like that of "The Simpson's" character "Sideshow Bob", is another of an ever-growing group or U.S. Youth National Team standouts that are trying to find their way in the world of professional soccer. The Allen, Texas native, who turns 18 on March 16, was recently scooped up by the hometown Burn and will look to have a solid rookie season in MLS in 2002 after being one of the standout players on last year's Under-17 MNT.

Center Circle:  I have to ask this question first: what is up with the hair? Any particular inspiration for that?
Jordan Stone:  (laughs) "Nah, I didn't really have any inspiration for it. I just grew it out and liked the way it looked. A lot of people have said, ‘You're trying to be like Valderrama,' and things like that, but that's not true.  The truth is that I just started growing it out one day and never really cut it."

CC:  Has anyone ever joked about it in the middle of the game?
JS: "Not really.  A few have tried, but nothing very original or very funny.  Most of the time it is like, ‘Hey, look at the guy with the big hair.'"

CC:  How was your time in Bradenton, where you were part of for the full-time U.S. Soccer Residency Program?
JS: "I would definitely do it again.  It was probably the best thing
that could have happened to me soccer-wise, because without a doubt it furthered my soccer career.  I would definitely go back there again if I had to do it over again."

CC: What's it like having a twin sister?
JS: "We are really close, and we have a great relationship.  It is good, but I don't think we have that ‘Special Twin Connection' that you hear some people talking about."

CC:  Did that make it difficult to leave for Bradenton?
JS: " Not really, there are a lot of people in my family, and my sisters have all left for college, so we all knew we'd be leaving at some point."

CC:  What were your thoughts about getting drafted by the Dallas Burn?  Are you excited to be able to be back home and to be close to your family?
JS: "I really am.  For the first time in a while I feel like I can settle down in one place, which will be nice."

CC: Are you going to live at home or move out into a bachelor's pad?
JS: (laugh) "I'm going to live at home the first season and then maybe move out after that."

CC: What has it been like with Eddie Johnson, your former Under-17 and now Under-20 teammate, being in Dallas and having a year's experience there?
JS: "It has been really good to have Eddie here.  He went through a lot of this stuff last year when he came in here for the first time.  It's been good to have someone here who knows the ropes and is my age.  He tells me what to expect from the guys – things like that.  But he missed a lot of last year because he was with the Under-17s, so he is still learning a little also."

CC: What is your favorite sport other than soccer?
JS: "I like golf a lot. I used to play it a lot, but I don't play it as much anymore.  It used to be one or two times a week I would be out there hitting it around.  But now I only play once in a while."

CC:   Living near Dallas, did you grow up a Cowboys fan? Or are you waiting for the expansion Texans?
JS: "I am definitely a Cowboys fan.  But they are pretty lousy right now.  Most of the Cowboy fans in Dallas are pretty fair-weather.  I got really spoiled when I was growing up. That is when they were winning all of those Super Bowls – when they had Troy, Emmit and Irvin.  And now …they're bad.  But they'll work it out."

CC: What type of music do you like? What's your favorite band?
JS: "I would have to say Creed right now.  I'm into that alternative-genre."

CC: You've been known to play the guitar on occasion. What are your favorite songs to play right now?
JS: "I play a lot of Creed, probably because that is what I listen to. And Dave Matthews songs are fun to play.  I would have to say that those are the most fun to play right now.  I've been playing for three and a half, maybe four years.  I figured that I needed something else to do other than soccer, so I took up guitar."

CC:  Describe your dream girl.
JS: "Very outgoing, good looking, good sense of humor, cute personality, likes to work out, - active.  And I'm forgetting something … (thinking) very strong Christian – knew that I was forgetting something.  There are a lot of good ones out there."

CC:  Any celebrities you know that would fit the bill?
JS: " Not that I can think of, mostly because a lot do not have a strong belief.  But there are definitely some gorgeous ones out there … Heather Graham, Shannon Elizabeth, I could go on."

CC:  If an actor had to play (U-17 Men's National Team head coach) John Ellinger, who would it be?
JS: "Anthony Hopkins."

CC:  Why Hopkins?  Okay, who would play Peter Mellor?
JS: "Because I like Anthony Hopkins.  And coach is real laid back, so actually I think a lot of actors could play him.  Peter Mellor?  That's tough.  I can't think of any bald, English actors."

CC:  What are your thoughts about MLS?  Does it ever surprise you when you think that you are now playing in a league with some of your idols, and you can't vote yet?
JS: "It is odd, because it was two years ago that I used to go to a lot of Burn games and watch them all play.  And now, two years later and I am playing with them.  Weird." 

Table of Contents
1) Armchair Midfielder (A look at the new Nike U.S. World Cup jerseys)
2) Word Association (w/ MNT forward Brian McBride)
3) At the Oscars (w/ U-21 WNT/WNT forward Aly Wagner)
4) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ U-20 MNT midfielder Jordan Stone)
5) Life as a Soccer Mom (w/ WNT defender Joy Fawcett)
6) Superstar!!! (w/ U-23 MNT/MNT forward Landon Donovan)
7) Mark That Calendar (MNT vs. Ecuador, Germany -- March 10, 27)
8) "You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall)" (MNT's "European Vacation" Trivia)

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