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U.S. Men's National Team vs. Honduras - Post-Match Quotes

U.S. Men's National Team Head Coach BOB BRADLEY
On the challenge of facing Honduras:
"We knew that this would be a good challenge tonight. Honduras is a good team and this was the game that was going to go a long ways towards determining who would finish first in the group. I thought the response of our team was quite good. Games like this there's got to be a good collective effort from start to finish, you have to have the ability at certain points to bring on subs who help and in all ways I thought it was a good solid team effort."

On Santino Quaranta's goal for the U.S.:
"Obviously, it's also special that Santino scores the first goal. He has worked hard in many different ways to be here tonight and so that's a very special part of the evening."

On the subs the U.S. made midway through the second half and how that affected the game:
"Both Charlie and Benny came on the field and brought good energy. Benny has done well in a number of situations when he comes on as a sub and starts connecting plays and gets us going a little bit. Charlie, with his physical qualities, has a real good ability to step on the field when things are slowing down and make a difference."

On Freddy Adu's status for the rest of the Gold Cup:
"This will be the last game that Freddy will be here for the gold cup. That was part of the arrangement from the start and I think he's going to have a few days break and then the challenge for him is to get back to Benfica and start to earn playing time. There's no specific replacement, that's the reason we were given an expanded roster."

On the experience for his young players and what they can take from this game:
"You try to establish with players and with the team what harder games are all about and how you, as a team, go about things. We had a few days prior to the first game and the first game was a good way to start a tournament like this, but we know that's not a big enough challenge. That wasn't the type of game that gets us where we want to be. Tonight we knew it would be better. At halftime the only thing you're saying is "We still, as a group, have to put more into it and raise the level a little bit more." I think the second half saw more of that and you hope that when players are in these type of games that they start to understand better what playing international soccer and playing for the national team is all about."

On Chad Marshall's play for the U.S. in the center of defense:
"Tonight's game is the kind of game where you start to see more. I think tonight he was very solid in the back. His decision making was good and he was very good in the air. When you talk about playing in a harder game and playing against difficult players, like Carlos Costly, who are physically strong and imposing players, I think this was good to see."

On the U.S. attempting to take the game to the opposition in the second halff:
"There were times in the game where I think we couldn't find the right rhythm but there was still a good understanding of pushing the tempo. When we push the game for 90 minutes we feel that's an advantage for us. Often times teams will start to get more spread out, we'll have more space and that's a plus. You could see that in the second half tonight."

U.S. Men's National Team Forward and Man of the Match SANTINO QUARANTA
On coming back to play for the national team after a three year absence:
"It was a very special night for me, personally. But to be back wearing the jersey was probably more special. Just to be back with the team and to listen to the anthem was very emotional for me because it's been such a fun and long road back. It was a special night."

On his emotions before and during the game:
"It's hard to explain, but it was special. To be able to do it in front of my wife and my two kids was very special and that's the most important thing to me now. Bob said to me before tonight, "it's only a game." I was trying to tell myself all day just to enjoy it. It means a lot to me that I'm able to play for my country. Before it maybe didn't mean as much as it does now. LIke I said, it's very special to be a part of this."

On his goal, which was set up by substitute Charlie Davies:
"First, Charlied did very well on the goal. He and Benny came in and changed the game for us. He held the ball up and it was a great layoff; I just tried to keep it on frame. A million things went through my head when I scored. I was just so proud to have done it here and to be able to do it RFK, where it all started for me, was just special. I keep going back to that word but that's just how this night is."

On whether he ever thought he'd be playing for the U.S. National Team again:
"I just wanted to come back and be a good person. Once that started to fall into place soccer came next. And I've just been enjoying life. I've been very happy off the field and I think being very happy at home has really done well for me on the soccer field."

On the importance of the teams progress to the next round
"To get our team to the next round is the most important thing. The individual stuff is nice, but when the team wins everything else is secondary."

U.S. Men's National Team Goalkeeper TROY PERKINS
On Santino Quaranta:
"I was saying before the match how incredible it is to see a player who has so much potential and talent in 2004/2005 when [Quaranta] was here with me and to see him come so far from being in such a hole to being on top of the world. It’s only fitting that he scored."

On playing at RFK and playing with Quaranta:
"First, it was nice to be out there. Playing here for four years it brought back some good memories. But like I said before, it’s only fitting that Santino [Quaranta] got the first goal and it’s a great strike, a typical Santino strike. He is one hell of a guy, I congratulate him."

On the clean sheet:
"I can’t take too much credit, the defenders have done a fantastic job in front of me. They listen, we move well, we play well together."

U.S. Men's National Team Forward CHARLIE DAVIES
On the first goal:
"There was a great ball played into me and I was able to take a good touch. I looked to my right and saw Santino [Quaranta] making a good run so I was able to lay off a good ball."

On what Quaranta said to him after the goal:
"[Laughs] He was just like ‘thanks’. I mean it was gratifying for him to score in front of his home crowd and I think he put it a good effort tonight so I’m happy for him."

On the importance of playing:
"I think it’s important for players to be playing. If you want to continue to develop as a player I think it’s really important that you get games in and are able to work on the parts of the game that you’re weak at. So I think every player is different, of course, with the club situation, sometimes maybe the coach isn’t rooting for you but some guys I think are really taking it seriously this upcoming season and look forward to playing and making a difference."

U.S. Men's National Team Forward FREDDY ADU
On heading back to Portugal:
"Obviously, it’s important to get preseason in with your team. It gives you the best chance of being a part of the team for this season so both the coaching staffs, my coaching staff here obviously and the coaching staff in Portugal thought it was important."

On Santino Quaranta:
"It’s great. Obviously being back in front of the home fans and getting a goal and basically man of the match honors, it’s great. I’m so happy for him. I said before the game he’s come a long way and now he’s back with the national team. Tonight he got out there and made a difference. Definitely helped the team out and definitely helped us win the game."

On the game:
"Tough game, tough game all around for the team but we worked hard, we kept pushing, we kept them on their heels and at the end of the day we won a game. It’s important when you’re in a game like this, when things aren’t exactly going 100% the way you want it to, it’s important to do the little things right and keep pushing, pushing, pushing, and that’s what happened tonight. We were able to get the first goal and things opened up. It became a little bit different."