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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. 1, Italy 3, at FIFA Confederations Cup

U.S. Men’s National Team Post-Match Quote Sheet
June 15, 2009

On the match:
“It’s disappointing. To play against a team like Italy and be down a man takes extra strong efforts on a lot of parts, and I thought that part was good. After their goal, I thought we did a very good job for a period of time of still being organized and finding some opportunities going forward. At the end, we are taking more chances because we are still trying to find a way to get the equalizer. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do better with a few long range shots and corners in that period of time. They did well to finish the game. It’s only the first game of the group, and now we move on.”

On the red card given to Ricardo Clark:
“It seemed harsh. To me it’s probably more (likely) a yellow. To have to play for that period of time down a man against a team like Italy is difficult.”

On whether the game against Italy in 2006 had provided any lessons going into tonight:
“We had a number of players that played in that match. We relied on their experience. The effort from the U.S. team was very good that night, and felt it was important that we have that kind of effort today.”

On whether the U.S. responded well tactically to the red card:
“I think we rearranged ourselves tactically. Benny Feilhaber moved inside and Landon came a little bit more to the right. I think for a good period we did a fine job in keeping things compact, and yet in certain moments finding some ways to get some passes and break a little bit. I thought that part was good.”

On how the team responded to the red card:
“I thought we did a very good job for a period of time of still being organized and finding some opportunities going forward. Again, the game changes quickly. They did a very good job of closing us down on a play in the midfield. That turnover resulted in Rossi’s first goal, and then you play for a period at 1-1. They did well with a couple of long-range opportunities.”

On whether there was a letdown after Italy’s first goal:
“We still found a way at 1-1 to believe that you fight for a point and keep it tied, but you can also still get a chance and get the three points. I don’t think there was a letdown in terms of trying to continue with the game. I would still want to make sure that I am clear that I felt the effort of our team was very good today. To play against a team like Italy and be down a man takes extra strong efforts on a lot of parts, and I thought that part was good.”

U.S. Forward/Midfielder and Captain LANDON DONOVAN
On strike partner Jozy Altidore:
“Jozy was active and mobile and he made a play to get a penalty. He probably wore out a little bit in the second half but I thought he did well.”

On the upcoming game against Brazil:
“Our goal has to be to get something, which is no easy task. We have to give everything now and hope we get something out of the game.”

On the red card:
“I haven't seen the replay yet, but I think it was a bad call. It was definitely a foul, possibly a yellow [card] but definitely not a red [card]. It affected the whole game. It changes the game and changes the team and it put us at a disadvantage.”

U.S. Defender JAY DeMERIT
On dealing with being down a man for so long:
“You bring as many people back as you can and try to hold on. It starts to get to be where it’s constantly 4-v-3. Against a team as high quality as Italy, that makes it tough on you.”

On the impact of the red card on the game:
“It affected it a lot. Against a team like that, it’s really hard to play against them with 11 men, let alone 10. When the midfield opens up and guys get free, it makes it really hard for us to make the right decisions. Credit goes to them for finishing their chances. Now we move forward.”

On how the altitude affects the team:
“Throughout the years you play in high altitude places, so you get used to it. That’s why we come to places four or five days early to acclimatize ourselves and be ready. Both teams have to deal with it. It does have an effect, but it is by no means an advantage or disadvantage for either team.”

U.S. midfielder DaMARCUS BEASLEY
On playing down a man for most of the match:
“It’s hard to play down a man for that long against a great team like Italy. Give Italy credit; they capitalized on our mistakes. We had everything in control, and a couple mistakes gave them the game. We can take a lot of positives from this. We had some chances. We could have scored more goals, but at the end of the day, that’s international football. That’s how it goes sometimes.”

On the red card:
“Very disappointing. I think it was a little harsh. At the same time, the referee made the decision so we have to live with that. The boys fought very, very well for being down a man nearly 60 minutes. We give credit to our boys. They worked hard and played well.”

On whether it was a good performance from the team:
“It’s good and bad. Obviously, you want to win. The game isn’t decided on how well you play, it’s decided on the score. It was a little harsh that we didn’t get something out of that game. But Italy are world champions. You have to do a little extra to beat them. Give them credit. They played well and they got three points.”