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Post-Match Quote Sheet Denmark Quotes

Post-Match Quotes
International Friendly
Nov. 18, 2009

U.S. head coach Bob Bradley
On the start of the second half:
“Denmark obviously picked up the pressure. I don’t think we handled those moments well. They pressed us. We lost some balls in tough spots. Our reactions weren’t as good as they needed to be. Denmark’s a good team and made us pay. When you lose balls in bad positions you put your team at risk and I think their pressure created those opportunities.”

On the match as a whole:
“The first half was solid. We stayed organized and got an opportunistic goal. I felt at halftime that we could do a better job with the ball and, in particular, moving off the ball – creating little angles so that we could connect a few more passes. Denmark, as expected, picked up the pressure in the beginning of the second half and that six minute stretch really teaches us some lessons in terms of our reactions and ability when a team really comes after us. So hopefully that is something we can look at closely and use down the road.”

On what the U.S. can take away from the two friendlies:
“It’s a good opportunity to look at some different players. The games in Europe are always good tests. Against Slovakia, we had some very good ball movement and good possession but we did not do a good enough job connecting plays in the final third. So, that’s what we took from that game. And against Denmark, we talked about the fact that they have very good mobility and they press in a very good way. When the game picked up speed, we needed to react better.”

On the overall feelings about 2009:
“2009 was an excellent year. The main job was to secure qualification for South Africa next June. Obviously the Confederations Cup was special in so many ways. And we’ll always look for things as reminders for the work that still needs to be done. When you end with a game like Denmark, it provides the opportunity to look hard at things and remind players that the hard work is necessary to continue to be successful.”

U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra
On his thoughts about the match tonight:
“In the first half we did a good job of frustrating them. We knew they were going to come out and be a strong team and be technical. They are organized really well. We knew that they’d probably have more possession than us and we would defend for the counter attack. They gave us that goal in the first half and we took our opportunity. I think we frustrated them. They didn’t really have many options or solutions. Going into halftime, we were confident. We knew we had to come out and keep it up. In the second half, they got an early goal on us and it just went downhill from there.”

On the first 10 minutes of the second half:
“We just didn’t respond well enough to the first 10 minutes of their push. We need to be ready and we were maybe a little naïve tonight, which is unfortunate. We had a good opportunity to hold on to a lead here in Denmark.”

On what to take from the last two games:
“It’s good that these guys are getting chances to come over to Europe and play in big games against good teams – Slovakia and Denmark. It’s good competition and we need that. For younger guys and guys that haven’t been getting as many games, to experience this, it’s good for everyone in the long run.”

On his thoughts on 2009 as a whole:
“We can definitely hold our heads up high for this year. It kind of stinks that we ended it this way. You never want to go out on a loss. We have a long time in between games now and that’s too bad, but this year was good for U.S. Soccer. We’ve stepped in up in two finals of major competitions. We won our group for qualifying for the World Cup. We can definitely stand tall and be proud. Do we still have things to work on? Yeah. But heading into the World Cup, we have a lot of confidence and we’ll be pushing forward.”

U.S. midfielder Michael Bradley
On the game:
“It was a disappointing result. In the first half I thought we did well to stay organized and made things pretty difficult on them. They weren’t able to do what they wanted, and I thought as far as the discipline, organization and commitment to keep that going was good. To come out and start the second half the way we did was very disappointing. We knew they were going to pick up the pressure a little bit and try to change the pace of the game and we didn’t do a good job responding.”

On trying to come back from three quick goals:
“I think coming back is something we’ve shown we can do and obviously it takes guys being committed and willing to turn the game around. Tonight clearly wasn’t a good night for us so I think in that sense we let ourselves down a little bit.”

On finishing out the year with two disappointing results:
“The work that we’ve put in this year as a team, the satisfaction of qualifying for the World Cup was certainly the most important thing coming into this year and we did that. The Confederations Cup was really important for us and it would have been nice to finish off the year with two better results, but that’s life. We’ll get ourselves ready at the beginning of next year and make sure we’re ready for a strong push at the World Cup.”

U.S. midfielder Edgar Castillo
On his experience being with the national team for the first time:
"It was a good experience for my first time. I was a little nervous but the nerves went away and I got excited when I was going to step on that field. I'm happy to be here and happy to be playing here."