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Quote Sheet: U.S. U-20s MNT Faces Germany in World Youth Championship

U.S. U-20 MNT
Quote Sheet
June 13, 2005

U.S. Head Coach Sigi Schmid
On preparing for Germany:
“It is very important that we stay focused and come out with the same kind of team discipline that we came out with against Argentina. I think offensively we can do better and those things we tried to work on the past two days.”

On getting the chance to coach against Germany:
“It’s going to be my first time to be a head coach against Germany. I was lucky enough to be an assistant coach against them in the U.S. Cup back in ’93 in Chicago and that was pretty exciting. But to be a head coach and to play them in an official competition, to stand there on the sideline and listen to the U.S. national anthem and the German anthem, it is going to probably give me some goosebumps and some chills. ”

On family coming to watch the game:
“I know some of my relatives are going to be there as they are driving up from southern Germany. I’m sure their loyalties are going to be a little bit questioned as to who they should cheer for.”

On what it means to him to face the country he was born in:
“It is an honor to coach against Germany because of their history and tradition. It is a challenge to coach against them to show them that we know what we’re doing as well in soccer, or fooseball, in America. It’s going to be a great day.”

On Jonathan Spector’s injury:
“It’s an injury that is making progress. I think right now, for tomorrow it is probably 50-50. We’re going to weigh out the benefits of playing him now and bringing him back maybe a little bit early versus letting him sit a little bit longer. But he will be back before this tournament is over.”

On the play of Germany:
“Germany is obviously very dangerous when they get some of their players running at you with the ball. (Michael) Delura is very dangerous running at you with the ball. (Marcell) Jansen from left back is very dangerous at running at you with the ball. Nicky Adler. Senese had an off game. If you give those guys a chance to run at you then life becomes difficult. They are also have a lot of the German traditions as they have some size and are good in the air. We need to make sure we neutralize them.”  

On the result they want against Germany;
“Our mentality is that every time we step on the field, we are there to win. We’d like to get it and I’m sure the Germans would as well.”

On how a victory helps them before their final group game:
“Getting six points tomorrow helps us with a number of things. You have a much better idea of not only going forward, but who you’d go forward against. It allows you to hold out certain players like Eddie Gaven and make sure he doesn’t get another yellow. And also, if you have someone with a knock or injury it allows you to rest those players. So, having six points at the end of tomorrow definitely benefits us in our planning for the last game.”

Eddie Gaven
On facing Germany:
“I think we can still play better. We can clean up some stuff, like our passing and finishing our chances, but we still need to have that base of working hard and bring that every game. We know if we do that, everything will fall into place.”

On what they demonstrated by beating Argentina:
“I think it shows that we have a very good team here, and we’re not just going to be a pushover. It’s not going to be an easy game. We’re going to be in every game and that’s the mindset we’re bringing every game.”

On what he’s expecting from Germany:
“Germany will be a little bit more organized. We watched their fist half against Egypt and they looked good. There have been some key guys we’ve been looking at on film. But we won’t concentrate so much on them as it’s about us going out after the last game and continuing to play.”

On if the yellow card he received against Argentina will affect his play against Germany:
“I’m not going to be thinking about it too much, but I’ve got to be kind of careful because I know if I get one more yellow I have to sit out. I just got to make sure I don’t touch the ball after the whistle whatsoever.”

Hunter Freeman
On dealing with midfielder Michael DeLura:
“That’s the whole reason you play in these games, to play against players like that. That is where you make a name for yourself if you shut down a guy like that.”

On the importance of a win:
“This match is even more important than the Argentina match now because if we do win, we are basically through and have a good chance of winning the group. A win would also give us a chance to rest some guys who need it if they are banged up a bit or have a card.”

On the possibility that Jonathan Spector will not play:
“Spector obviously helps out with his leadership and play, but at the same time we haven’t had Spector at all the past two years. We’ve had Nathan Sturgis and Patrick Ianni in the back and those guys have played together in the back more than Ianni and Spector have. If Spector can go it is a plus for us, but I thought Sturgis did a great job coming into the game. If we just communicate and have faith in each other, we’ll be alright.”

Quentin Westberg
On Germany:
“They are a strong team. We got the chance to see them play in the first half against Egypt and we will definitely not underestimate them.”

On the chance to advance with a win:
“We want the three points. We’re not thinking about the different possibilities if we tie or lose. We know we just have to concentrate on the game in front of us, one at a time. We’re not going to be doing all the math (to figure out the possibilities on advancing). We’re soccer players, we’re not in school anymore.”

On a possible different starting back four:
“I’ve played with Patrick (Ianni) and Nathan (Sturgis) a lot and we get along great. The team chemistry is great whoever the players are, so that is all that matters.”